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•WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th 2 0 0 6 •


FLUEVOGERS START YOUR CAMERAS! Given the variety of Fluevogers out there we wanted to give you a place to show your face (and your vogs) to celebrate your Fluevogian background. We know you've got some prime shots decorating your computer that are begging to be shared with the world in a place where they can be with other like-minded photos. Whether it's you and your beloved Fluevogs racing up the pyramids, holding your trombone, partaking in some low-impact partying, or standing on a piece of grass with your latest creation, tell us your name and city and upload your FlueShots. (Nothing vulgar please as Fluevogers vary in age, hair color and geography.)

John is pleased to announce his latest Family to the mix - please welcome The Travel-Lites. The perfect hybrid of casual and dressy, The Travel-Lite uses a combination of full grain and scratchy leathers that make for a robust shoe that breathes well and will break-in beautifully. Travel-Lite - you're just passin' through. Take it easy and take only what you need, because life is short and we're all just temporary passengers on the Planet Bus (you might as well wear comfy, stylish shoes while you're here).


John Says: "I ask not that I see Heaven but that I walk in Unity."

Once again the relationship between Sub Pop Records and Fluevog has paid off for Fluevogers around the globe. The wonderful Sub Pop Sweethearts have provided us with new releases from 4 of their latest, most awesomest artists. For the rest of September (and maybe a little of October), everyone who orders over $100 of Fluevog greatness online will receive the latest CD from Chad Vangaalen , The Album Leaf , The Elected or Oxford Collapse (while supplies last). Great music and Great shoes in the same box, it's so simple.

The beautiful Teapots are another recent arrival to the growing Fluevog Family. The Teapots (named after the unique spout shape of the heel) are made in Italian leathers with a unique antique finish that gives the shoe a softer shine, providing more depth. They've only been in store a couple of weeks now, but the 'English Breakfast', the 'Chamomile' and the 'Darjeeling' are already promising to be Fluevog Favorites.

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