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Miracles Platform


Here are two fresh Fall styles that really hit the ground running. Each of our stores received their limited allotment of each style quite recently, but it's safe to say that we're struggling to hold on to them. Therefore, moving forward, we are only letting individual Fluevogers buy them if they really really want them.

If a Fluevogologist senses that a Fluevoger can't decide between the gorgeous Sharanpals and another style... we might just run out of their size. If someone strolls in and isn't sure when they'll wear the amazing Andrews, they don't need to worry, because they're not going to have that chance. It may sound like odd retail to some, but just think of it as us making sure we have some left for you to try on... if you really want to.


Vog Socks

Socks may traditionally be known for absorbing sweat and reducing the risk of frostbite, but these new and improved Fluevog socks also absorb an inevitable flow of compliments. The Joe Sock is a solid jersey knit sock with contrasting toecap & heel, and a standard 1x1 ribbed opening. A screenprinted grip of John's signature gives you that extra level of soul protection.


JF Playing Cards

Earlier in the year, when John was awarded Shoe Person Of The Year by the Bata Shoe Museum, we wanted to commemorate this historical occasion by making a deck of Playing Cards! 54 poker-sized playing cards feature styles from the past 40 years, including two pictures of the Joker himself. Complete with messages, style names, and colour-coded suits, The JF Playing Cards are perfect for building castles, doing magic tricks or playing Strip Solitaire.


John Says:
"All in Love"


FC Brief

The Swordfish Edwardian could be considered a peculiar piece of footwear, but one thing is certain, it will need it's own particular advert. If that advert happens to be swirling in your brain at the moment, and you happen to be an ad tamer, get it out and put it up on FluevogCreative. It will open up head space for other issues (like how to transcend through space and time), but you could also win $1000 in Fluevogs!


FC Vote

Congratulations to Claire of Redmond, WA who garnered the most of your votes to be crowned the winner of the FluevogCreative 'Genevieve' brief. Claire is a talented illustrator and costume maker, who lives with a pair of snakes, and like most FC submitters enjoys a variety of creative interests learn more in Claire's Bio. Nice work Claire, and thanks to all the Fluevogers who submitted and voted!



We're so excited to come to Uptown, Minneapolis!! It has also been confirmed that there will be a men's and a women's shoe in Limited Edition colors available on opening day, only in the Minneapolis Store! We're hoping that day will be in the beginning of November... stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!


Sole Devotion

Our friends at Sole Devotion in Australia recently launched their new online store! They also just received a fresh batch of fabulous Fluevog shoes, including a number of Custom Limited Editions! Check them out on the other side of the Flueniverse...



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