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• TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4th 2011 •


Rapture Contest

Have you heard the new Rapture album (no, no, not that Rapture, the other Rapture)? In the Grace of Your Love is currently on heavy rotation around the Flueniverse. If you have yet to hear it, you can do so on our contest page, and if you like that, we have 2 tickets to give away for every North American stop of The Rapture Tour. Enter your details and then select which of The Rapture's performances you would like to attend – a few days before each concert we will choose a winner for each show/city. Once all the winners have been selected, we will choose another winner who will also receive a pair of brand spanking new Fluevogs! The Rapture + Fluevog, together at last – it's like the beginning of the new world...

Everyday Fluevog

Thanks to the world's greatest Vogunteers with some of the world's greatest Fluevog Collections, we have quite a gallery of fashionable folks in Fluevogs. If you're ever looking for some inspiration, check out the outfits in your very own Vogtorialist. Click us on Facebook and Twitter to get a fresh one everyday during EverydayFluevog months. (Fan letters to previous Vogunteers can be sent to any of our stores.)


John Says:
"Another day with Hope."


Fluevog Creative Wieners

John continues his mantra of Good Soles leave Small Prints (no matter what your shoe size) by bringing us The Reverie Boot. Featuring soft veggie-tanned leathers with pebbled texture, thick wooly felt on the brown colourway, wraparound straps with buckles, all on a 1.5" 100% bamboo heel and a molded sole that extends to the heel for extra shock absorption, The Reverie Booty is worth daydreaming about – you've never felt anything like it.


Fluevog Creative Wieners

Congratulations Molly Grundy! Molly is our 16th official FluevogCreative. An award winning costume designer, Molly is a Fluevoger with her hands in a lot of pies, including those of the teaching, puppet building, styling, and art variety. Molly submitted artwork for the Portsides and had to beat out some fierce opposition to take top spot, thanks entirely to the voting of Fluevogers Worldwide. Read more about Molly and take a look at some of her other creations, and get ready to see this one in some of the best publications around the globe (and get ready to see Molly in some spanking new shoes).

Other Retailers

As part of our FAAP (Fluevogs Across America Program) that increases the betterment of awesome, we work with the best and most unique independent shoe stores in the country (and the world). For a gander at the list, click here. Recently, our travels took us to wonderful Lake View Village in Lake Oswego, where we were thrilled to learn that Steve and Carrie opened Soletta Shoes (complete with Fluevogs). We then hunted for the best shoe store in Richmond, VA and are thrilled to say that The Phoenix is now with Fluevog.

Remember, if you can't find Fluevogs in your city, you can always let us know where you'd like to see them in our Other Retailers section.

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