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• THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6th 2 0 0 5 •



The staff at the John Fluevog Store in LA invite you to join them as they walk the LA Aids Walk on Sunday October 16 (register here). In addition, feel free to support the team by getting your own Limited Edition John Fluevog - LA Aids Walk T-shirt from the store (7475 Melrose Ave / 323-951-9555) or online. T-shirts are $24 each, and half of that goes straight to The Walk. Why not Walk the Walk in your new T-shirt - you know it will make your soles feel good.

We thought this might happen again. We have told John in no uncertain terms to cease and desist the designing of new hot, sexy, cool, stylish, addictive or unavoidably tempting shoes, in an attempt to help people control their Fluevogin’ desires. But once again he has brought in new shoes that encapsulate all of the above. All we can say is try not to look directly at them.



John Says: "Good Soles Get Noticed."

It’s a little known fact that when John is drawing Shoes he is really thinking about Cars and when he is drawing/driving Cars, he is really thinking about Shoes. But now it’s paid off for you - for the rest of this month, drive the Driver Perrys or the Driver F10s away for 25% off the regular price. That’s only $109 US or $139 CDN! PARK YOUR CAR, DRIVE FLUEVOG.

We've added a wack load of Shoes to our Clearance section over the past week to make your fall a joyous shoe-filled one. It's all divided into size availability so you don't have to spend a long time trying to find something that fits you. Everything in this section is limited quantity while supplies last. Plus we have both a US and a new CANADA section.

Once again John is packing up his carry on (a JF pebbled leather Peacemaker Weekender) and hitting the road for another stop on his 35 Years Anniversary Tour. This Sunday until Tuesday (Oct 8-11), John will be brightening up the New York Fluevog Store at 250 Mulberry Street.

Please feel free to stop by - John would love to see you (especially you). Come and ask him where he gets his inspiration, or what it’s like to think about shoes for 35 years straight. Find out if he has any tattoos, tell him about your shoe dreams or about how you’re new to New York and want to be friends with all his staff because they’re so cool but still not too cool. And would somebody please get this man a coffee?

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