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• THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7th 2 0 1 0 •


Sure we've all seen Miracles, they happen everyday. Like when the bus sees you running for it but actually waits for you, or when your kid says you look beautiful out of the blue, or when you keep finding yourself sharing an elevator with that certain someone. However, very few people have witnessed the production of a Miracle... until now. Watch the miraculous creation of one of the beautiful Canas and see what you're a part of.

We've added a few new Miracles to our collection this Fall. There is a brand new colour (and color) in the Canas, and we are also excited to present two new styles. The Lanciano Booties have the 3" suede wrapped heel and cuteness right down to the teardrop eyelets. On the other hand, the new Lourdes Boots mean business. Available in leather or luscious suede these are clearly Miracles of another level.

Visit the new Fluevog Building in San Francisco! See the immaculate store and visit with the wonderful staff. If you're nice, they may even take you up to see the three floor FluevogCreative Gallery upstairs, showcasing all the finalists from the first seven briefs.


John Says: "Miracles are the surprises of the soul."

In FC News, you all voted on the Truth Family and the 1611 artwork last month, and we now present you with two more Official FluevogCreatives (both of whom are $1000 in Fluevogs richer): Congratulations Lucas Shanks and Matthew Mackay!

The Miracle Lourdes brief closed earlier this week and it's that time again. You may think you're too busy, or you're feeling tired, or you will just leave it up to the millions of other FlueVoters, but this is Voting we're talking about here! As a Fluevoger, this is your opportunity and your community duty. Dictate what other Fluevogers and non-Fluevogers will see when flipping through the pages of their magazine, or strolling happily past a beautiful poster.

Be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen.

Next time you're partying at parliament, out for a stroll after lunch in Little Italy, or preparing for a hike in Gatineau Park, swing by Soléa in Ottawa for a fantastic selection of Fluevogs and excellent Fluevog-like service.

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