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• THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15th 2 0 0 9 •


Do you often wonder what would happen if the best of two worlds collided into something magnificent? Like the taste of perfect ice cream with the calorie intake of flavoured oxygen, or your dream house that came with a steady paycheck. Well, we're pleased to present you with a similarly wondrous combination.
The Gateway Angels combine all the genius behind the 20 year old, biodegradable, resoleable Angel Sole (recently voted the most comfortable sole on the planet), with a traditional upper that is completely hand-made and hand-stitched, in the tradition of fine English and Italian footwear. Made with rich Italian Leathers in a fashion that never goes out of fashion, The Gateways will ensure that you Never Walk Alone.

For all those fans of earlier styles of Future Angels, John proudly presents The Future James. With his flexible and lightweight molded sport sole for quick movement and lightning wit, The James is certainly a relation of both Charles and Will. However, James has a slightly more polished finish both in terms of leather and character, and comes in three charming colour combinations. And, as with all Future Angels, engraved in the 50% rubber/50% all-natural latex are the ancient words of wisdom... Your sole will direct your future.


John Says: "Miracles are the Surprises of the Soul."

When we posted this page recently, we could faintly hear Fluevoger's voices through the Internet, murmer a single word... Finally. To the millions that wrote in, we now have Official Fluevog Wallpaper for your iPhone, your iPod Touch and your Dollhouse. We've started with 10 options here but are sure to add more in the coming months...

If you live in or around Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton and appreciate good times & good footwear, remember to enter for tickets and possibly New Fluevogs. We have a pair of tickets for each of those Moby shows and a pair of Fluevogs for one lucky ticket winner. (Chances of seeing the best Moby Tour to date for free are exponentially better if you enter.)

Over the last couple of weeks we have moved a whole wack* load of Shoes to our Clearance section to make your Fall a joyous, shoe-filled one. It's all divided into size availability so you don't have to spend a long time trying to find something that fits you. Everything in this section is limited quantity while supplies last. Plus we have both a US and a CANADA section.

(*Size of wack unknown, but considered very large by most accounts.)


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