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• FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17th 2 0 0 8 •


At the beginning of the month, John drove The Fluevog Car down to LA to unveil the completely renovated Fluevog Melrose store at the "5 MORE YEARS" Party. John warmed the space with his signature curved cut outs, mixing rich woods and a deep blue veggie-tanned shoe leather to wrap walls, a cherry hardwood floor, and a leather wrapped cash desk to boot. And just when they said the venue couldn't get any better, the LA staff sprinkled it with John's stunning Fall 08 collection of shoes and boots. Check out the outlandish, star-studded shots of the event from two wonderful LA-based photographers - or better yet, get yourself down to Melrose and see it for yourself (they may even have some cocktails left over).

Back in the biblical age of 1971, John had a colourful customer named Jimmy Mak. Mr. Jimmy Mak always wore bright suits, big hats complete with a feather, gold chains and drove a white Rolls Royce. Jimmy Mak also had a stutter, which somehow suited him perfectly. After frequenting Fluevog for over a year (with the collection to prove it), Jimmy Mak told John he had to have some 'handmade Fluevog ccccrocodile ccccclogs'. John obliged, and until the end of his days, Jimmy Mak would step out of his white Rolls Royce and tell the world about his 'three hundred and seventy-fffffive dollar ccccrocodile ccccclogs'. Much has changed since 1971, but one thing has remained consistent: Fluevog has always had a higher "character per customer" ratio (‡/fl‰) than any footwear company on the planet since the beginning of time.


John Says: "Invest in your Sole."

This is one of the most exciting contests involving Greek myths, we've ever had at Fluevog. As if it's not enough that John's middle name at birth was Hercle (never to be repeated), this group from NYC has rightly exploded on the scene with their new disco revolution mixed with vintage casio beats, retro hi-hats, thumping bass kicks, and swanky basslines. With the help of our friends at Mute Records, XLR8R, Steve Reeves and HLA's very own Kim Ann Foxman, we scoured the planet for the best possible prize pack - which contains gifts from all the partners including a pair of Fluevogs and a one-of-a-kind necklace designed by Kim!

The resurrected Beat Family has taken the globe by storm - many of the Beats barely touched down in their respective Fluevog stores, as they were instantly tried on and walked out the door by Fluevogers the world over.  However, recently we have been getting a lot of complaints from Fluevoger's landlords concerned about the constant tapping and lethargic poetry writing that has resulted from the wear of the new Beats.  We feel terrible about this and have been mailing out earplugs because frankly, this tapping of the toe and poetry of the sole is unstoppable.  With a sexy flat boot and shoe, built on a danceable Tunite sole and stacked leather heel, the shaking of the leg is so contagious you will probably see many Fluevogers out there bopping their heads silently to the Beat of their Sole.


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