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• THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th 2011 •


Vog Vending

We recently found a wonderful vending machine that we're going to put in the public BreakRoom & FlueSeum (coming soon to the mezzanine of our Calgary store), and we want to fill it with Fluevoger's Creations!! If you make and sell (Etsy or otherwise) wonderfully unique, 'vending machine slot' sized creations, we want to hear from you. If approved, your awesomeness will sell along side the awesomeness of similarly creative Fluevogers from around the continent, for other awesome Fluevogers to enjoy. Full Circle Fluevog!

ClearanceIf you're interested in checking out the newly restocked Clearance section, then you've probably already clicked on the big Clearance button above, and aren't even reading this. Right now, you're probably scanning your size and checking out the deals on beautiful fresh Fluevogs that everyone will love. If you're not interested, you just hit Send/Receive again. As there is no audience, we're going to stop writing. If a tree falls in the forest...


John Says:
"Stay the course."


Best Sellers Restocked


Feature Shoe: The Portsides

The Portsides have finally landed, and are comfortably waiting for you in their berth. You've seen them in the magazines, and you voted on their ad creative in FluevogCreative, but now The Portsides are ready for your feet. The mathematical and geometric masterpieces from the depths of John's mind have already caused quite a stir in their design, but it's worth noting that the tapered platforms, toothed rubber grips and buttery soft leather ensure pleasant voyages ahead.


Fluevog Creative Briefs

This is the beautiful Swordfish, Cooper that's not coming out until Spring (talk about a sneak preview). In the meantime, if it gets your juices flowing, and you have the world's best Fluevog Ad for it floating around in your head, get it out and be a part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen. If chosen, you'll receive $1000 worth of Fluevogs, and so much fame you'll have to install new door frames at your new celebrity mansion.

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