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•TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23rd 2012•

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New Women's Boots

New Men's Boots

When John first introduced 'the boot' to the world it was a magical, revolutionary time. Sure he made mistakes like everyone else would, but through the years he has perfected the art of design right up until this very moment, when he is happy to offer you the most thorough, thought out line of Fluevog Boots the world has ever seen! This season's Fluevog boot offering has the competitors shaking in their... blandly decorated office spaces, but will have you standing on a solid foundation!



The Fluevog Definition of Clearance: An area where you can buy the world's greatest boots and shoes at a lower price because we keep designing more new product, and our stockrooms appear to be shrinking.


John Says:
"Talk in Love "


FC Vote

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have a fairly important election coming up in your area shortly. But even if you don't, it's always good to practice voting so you don't freeze when the moment comes. Did we start FluevogCreative as a front to teach people to vote? Probably not. But regardless, this is your only chance to give the world your first choice in Swordfish Edwardian artwork! Vote Fluevog!


Walk in Love Contest Winners

We recently asked Fluevogers to snap photos using the theme Walk in Love with Instagram and Twitter, for a chance to win one of ten Fluevog $50 Gift Certificates. The photos were all awesome (totally expected when involving Fluevogers), and the Gift Cards have been handed out, but if you want to see what your fellow Fluevogers came up with, you can see the collection on the Fluevog Pinterest Page.


FC Brief

John has always said "everyone is creative... You are creative, whether you know it or not." Well now's the time to flex that creative muscle. Get a sneak preview of some of Spring 2013, let your mind go free, and design the world's best ad creative for these beautiful heels. Fluevogers will vote, and you could walk away with $1000 of Fluevogs. Join The Fluevocracy!!



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