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• THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25th 2 0 0 7 •


In some Fluevog towns you'd never know it, but we're coming up to BootTime again (no relation to LunchTime). BootTime is aboot crisp, comfortable walks with a friend. It's aboot, good-looking strangers with small dogs yelling out "Hey gorgeous - love the boots!" And it's aboot the envious eyes of that mean coworker in the elevator as she examines the beautiful lines of your new Fluevog Boots. Swing by the store and see what all the fuss is aboot.

Just a reminder that Fluevog has the most colours and styles of footwear than any other company in the world. Many of which are the perfect last minute addition to that Halloween outfit, but still awesome for Thursday's work outfit. While we're on the topic of holiday reminders, when the right time comes, don't forget to let your Christmas givers know the shoes you covet most, by sending them a FluevOgram. Look for this icon on every individual shoe page.


John Says: "Spread the Message."


Here at John Fluevog Mega-Corp™, we're always looking for ways to liven up your feet. We usually stick with simply creating the world's greatest, most unique footwear on the planet, year after year. However, we are now giving you the chance to win, not only some NEW FLUEVOGS and some NEW CHROMEO Beats, but also a new MICROKORG so you can create your very own sweet dancing vogbeats! In fact, how about the winner has to do a Fluevog Jingle?


A couple of weeks ago, legendary Jane's Addiction front man played a surprise acoustic set in the Vancouver store window of legendary west-coast shoe designer, John Fluevog. It was Legendary. As a long-time Fluevog fan, Farrell stuck around after the performance to chat shoes with John. Could they have been talking collaboration? The only question is whether it will be in the shape of boots or notes.


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