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• THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4th 2 0 1 0 •


To celebrate the official return of Fall, John released what he likes to call FW10! As part of Fluevog FW10, Fluevogers will find some of their chosen styles in the color (and colour) they've always wanted, along with completely new styles and even some new families! So embrace the season and welcome Fall with a smile, a song and a Fluevog.

(For southern hemisphere readers please adjust above verbiage accordingly. Much appreciated.)

Do you know you're weird? If so, embrace your weirdness and take the weirdest picture you can of you or your friends in front of one of our 'No, You're Weird' windows and you'll be entered to win $1000 Shoe Dollars and other weird (read 'Fluevog') prizes. (If you don't live in one of our cities, use a sign, or add it to the photo before you send it in.)

Send it to us at weird@fluevog.com, upload it to facebook.com/fluevog or twitter it with #weirdvog and once the contest is over, John will choose the weirdest photo to win the grand prize. Know you're weird!

In case you missed it last month, watch the miraculous creation of one of the beautiful Canas and see what you're a part of.


John Says: "Wearever you go, give thanks."

A cosmopolitan Swedish three piece (including José González), Junip has existed since 1998, with this as their first full release. See them live up to the pressure of performing an album that was 10 years in the making. (Although John has been known to take that amount of time perfecting the odd Fluevogian last here and there.)

We have 2 tickets to give away for every North American stop of Junip's Tour throughout November. Enter your details and then select which of Junip's performances you would like to attend - before each concert we will choose a winner for each show/city. Once the tour is over, one winner will WIN A PAIR OF FLUEVOGS!

Say hello to Heather Mulligan, our latest official FluevogCreative. Heather was put up against a handful of other very talented Fluevogers, you voted, and now she's in print around the world. (Unlike this week's elections, this one came out Teal.) Have a gander at Heather's previous works and the inspiration that led to her winning submission.

If you have the world's best Fluevog Ad floating around in your head, get it out and be a part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen. (The current Radio ABC brief will be open until Tuesday, November 9th.)

The Dodgers may have left, but Fluevog's back in town. Next time you're in Brooklyn visiting the zoo or partying with the Beastie Boys, stop by Brooklyn's Finest shoe stores, Soula or Alter for your Fluevog Fix.

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