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Minneapolis Opening

It's official! The two biggest decisions on the planet were made yesterday: The US Presidential Race was decided, and the official opening date of Fluevog Minneapolis was confirmed for this Saturday... complete with two MPLS-only Limited Edition Vogs! Minneapolis has always held a special place in John's heart. His Grandfather moved here from Norway in 1902, and after many good years with his wife Gina, they headed west for Vancouver, Canada. John knew he would be back one day... and after 42 years of making Unique Soles for Unique Souls it sorta feels like a homecoming!


Hopeful: Rosy

John took a well earned break yesterday from his Boot Tour that's spreading the word on how to stand tall on a firm foundation while also embracing peculiarity. It gave him a chance to relax, have a warm drink, draw some new 2013 shoes, and reflect on some of the Fluevog Boots of today.

The Rosy is a special one as it's essentially a threesome: using the last, fit, and soles of The Hope Family, the leathers of The Truth Family, and the 2.25" leather wrapped heels of The Thanks Family. Fluevog really has been making love since 1970!


Guardian Angel: Ronald

For more than 20 years, John's revolutionary and 100% biodegradable Angel Sole has been walking the Earth, saving customers from Evil. With The Ronald, John updated the classic combat boot with a lighter, slimmer Angel sole, without losing any of the awesome benefits. Made in Vietnam with partial blake construction, buttery Bottero leathers, and stacked leather heels with Angel heel lifts, The Ronald is tall, dark and have some.


John Says:
"Come Together"


Gastown Sample Sale 2012

If you're in or around Vancouver on Tuesday Nov 20th, and have been known to wear shoes, you'll want to head to Fluevog Gastown at 5pm! John has always produced Unique Soles for Unique Souls, but these are even Uniquer (Uniquier?). The Annual Gastown Fluevog Sample Sale... 65 Water Street, November 20th... 5pm until 11pm... more samples than ever before!


FC Brief

John has always said "everyone is creative... You are creative, whether you know it or not." Well now's the time to flex that creative muscle. Get a sneak preview of some of Spring 2013, let your mind go free, and design the world's best ad creative for these beautiful Desmonds. Fluevogers will vote, and you could walk away with $1000 of Fluevogs. Join The Fluevocracy!!


FC Winner

Hooray for Theresa in Illinois who garnered the most of your votes to be crowned the winner of the FluevogCreative 'Swordfish' brief. Theresa is yet another creative soul, who lives to illustrate and yarnbomb, and like most FC Fluevogers enjoys a variety of creative interests. Now she will be creating in her brand new Fluevogs! Nice work Theresa, and thanks to all the Fluevogers who submitted and voted!


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