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• THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13th 2 0 0 8 •


With the global economy doing its song and dance, John took it as his responsibility to provide the world with the solid and stable footwear that we're all going to appreciate while riding this economic roller coaster. This fall, John has brought out a series of tough, well-crafted boots to serve your weary feet. The unisexy Earl Family are hand made with soft, but strong leathers on a Goodyear welted sole in one of the world's most respected cowboy boot factories. John has also brought out an array of new boots in the Banker family for men - for those who are ready to take on the rough economic seas. Built on the 100% rubber F-sole, with a warm plaid lining and our favorite Atlas leathers, these boots are going to make shoveling snow easier than waiting for the plow to arrive. Lastly, there are new boots in almost every Fluevog family for the ladies: Adrians, Blind Faith, Together Hi, Minis, Fellowships and Wearevers. These days it's important to place your sole on solid ground.

A million years ago John Fluevog shoe stores also sold Dr.Marten's shoes. In fact, John was the first to import them into North America, and for some time was the exclusive North American retailer for them. That was until a famous manager's meeting in 1989 in a small town in Washington state. John had found this new sole that was all natural and biodegradable - they tapped it out of trees for goodness sake! He had started to be concerned with the environmental impact of soles in general and the potential of this new sole seemed to address those concerns. After marathons of discussion, debate and sing-song, everyone was on board to carry only Fluevogs in Fluevog stores, and to start designing and selling uppers on this new Angel Sole. As John proclaimed at the time "this is a defining moment for our little company's journey", and the celebrations rang on until the early morn.

To stop selling a product that represented a significant portion of the company's sales and replace it with a new unproven sole was a bold move to be sure. But that's how the Angel Family was born - just another moment in history when John decided to follow his Soul.


John Says: "Walk through each day with hopeful anticipation."

Coming this Winter for music and fashion lovers alike, John and songwriter Brother Daniel of the Danielson Family will be launching the New Limited Edition 'Danielson Family Shoe'. Many moons ago, John Fluevog collaborated with a young folk & gospel songwriter named Daniel Smith. Many years later, now that John Fluevog has become a household name (in only the best households) and Brother Daniel's music is known worldwide, the two artists have once again collaborated to produce an impressively vibrant shoe. The limited edition unisex shoe will be available at all John Fluevog stores in early 2009, and can be seen on band members as the stage uniform during their late Fall 08 tour.

In celebration of the new tour shoe The Danielson Family will be performing a special show in the courtyard of the Fluevog LA store, nestled on the corner of Melrose and Gardner. This show will be open to the public (and the private) on Saturday November 15th at 3pm.

You'll be pleased to know that our plan to have an official Fluevog store in every city with a population of over 100,000 worldwide is right on schedule. (Like all good things, it mustn't be rushed.) If you're not currently residing in one of the 9 Fluevog cities, don't forget that Fluevogs are also sold in a select group of highly screened retailers around the world. If you're 'down under' in Melbourne, why not pop in to see them at Sole Devotion. While in Oregon, if you find yourself strolling East Main in Ashland say hello to the lovely staff at Village Shoes. And the next time you have to travel to Halifax for good times, get your feet into Kick Ass Shoes. Here's a list of our current wholesale accounts.

And so it comes to that time of year when you just don't know how to tell the ones you love, "This is what I really want." Safely assuming that what you really want is another pair of trusty Fluevogs, we've found an easy and painless way to help you communicate it. Next time something on fluevog.com gives you that butterfly /goosebump feeling, click on the winged-boot Email Postcard icon, and let the magic of the Fluevoweb subtly spread the word.



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