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Time to Shine

So... do you like to party? If you're thinking of what to wear this party season, give your wardrobe a break and wear some fancy Fluevogs! Your clothes will breath a sigh of relief... "The pressure's off, she's wearing Fluevogs!" they'll whisper to each other. Tap and twinkle into the moonlight as you enjoy the festivities!


Recently Restocked!

Some of the styles in our new line were eaten up so fast by ravenous Fluevogers that we ran out! However, we're pleased to announce that several of those styles have now been restocked in all stores and online. There is no need to cut off, or grow another toe in order to make another size fit — we probably have your size in stores! (If you've already produced or removed another toe or similar, no one will notice, and your balance will adjust, probably.)


FC Brief

If you have Purpose and Determination, you may just have what it takes to create the world's best Fluevog Ad! Let your cup runneth over with creative juices, download the brief, create and submit your artwork and you could win $1000 of Fluevogs! Save the world from BAdverts!


Gastown Sample Sale, Nov 19th

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