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• MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16th 2 0 0 9 •


These are the boots they're talkin' about when they talk about boots in boot country. Everyone knows that Fluevog makes all their Frontiers and Frontier His in the best gosh darn cowboy boot factory in Mexico. And they also know that Ol' Fluevog insists on using tough veggie tanned leathers, sturdy Goodyear welted leather soles with 2" stacked leather heels, and custom rubber sole lifts.

In fact, the only thing you can't know until you walk out those creaky Fluevog saloon doors with these double-barreled stovepipe babies on your feet, is how you're gonna get yourself out of the trouble these boots just got you into. "Ditch your car, it's a New Frontier."

When the first green CBCs hit Fluevog stores, they were an instant success. Then we followed them up in black and brown Atlas leathers and people continued to tune into them. Well, we're pleased to announce that after all the equal rights demonstrations and mostly peaceful sit-ins, the CBCs are finally available for women (just like the actual radio).

As if that wasn't enough Radio News for you... presenting the latest member of the Radio Family, The BBC! The 6 eye lace-up BBC is John's updated version of the 1920's working boot - one of the classic styles that is always at the top of any fashionista's (and sometimes worker's) lists. Tune in, Turn on, and Vog Out!


John Says: "Awaken your Thankfulness."

As part of Fluevog's GPP (Global Partnership Program) for world domination, we work with the best and most unique independent shoe stores on the planet.

If you're reading this in Portland right now, leisurely sipping on a cup of Stumptown's brew, head over to Amenity Shoes on NW 23rd Ave. Or if you were just at Bubby Rose's on Cook Street in Victoria, pop in next door to Heart and Sole. If you're in Illinois, there's Takara in Oak Park or A Pied in Chicago, and if you're in Olympia, Washington say hi to the gang at Yolli Shoes. Truth is, we've got enough cities covered for a new Johnny Cash song, so if you don't live in an official Fluevog Store city, check out the list of where you can get a FluevogFix near you...

For John Fluevog's 40th Anniversary (next year), he's bringing back a Choice Family style in Celebration! The classic Vanny style is being resurrected, and we want you to tell us which two colours we produce and which single colour gets the chop. We seek your wisdom to help determine the future of this shoe, this family and the direction of the galaxy itself, and as always, when the polls close, we will listen & obey your decision.

Thanks to the millions who entered the various Fluevog contests we've recently held (we've got some Goliaths coming soon). Congratulations to the 52 people around the continent who went to various Moby concerts with Fluevog Tickets, and to Donna, who won new Fluevogs for the Moby show, and finally to Theresa who won the only pair of pink on pink Mini Zazas on the planet after the last VogPopuli! You all deserve it.

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