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• FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18th 2011 •


Radio Contest

Back in 1902 John Telefunken developed the first music playing clog sales were poor. Since then the two technologies have been separated to great success. Having both won countless unnamed awards for best Radio Shoes and best iPod Dock Radio, Fluevog and Vers have teamed up, not to rekindle Telefunken's early dream, but to give you a chance to win a pair of Fluevogs and a beautiful Vers Radio!


Calgary Launch PartyOn December 5th John will be unveiling the final 3 pieces of his 4 piece Calgary Fluevog Puzzle!

• The world's first permanent Flueseum!
• The Peanut Gallery on the lower level.
• VogVending - By Fluevogers/For Fluevogers

If you're in or around Calgary on Monday December 5th, please RSVP and join us at Fluevog Calgary for a night of Fluevogian reveal...


Miracle MeerasRemember that European family vacation you went on when your parents dragged you into various old churches & museums? We're guessing that two of the positives you recall are (1) the splendid, symmetrical stained glass work, and (2) the succinct noise that the heels of one sophisticated French woman made while she sauntered past you. Unrelated sidenote: Check out the new Miracle Meeras.


John Says:
"Stop it, your love is killing me. Don't stop."


Gastown Sample Sale

If you're in or around Vancouver on Tuesday, and have been known to wear shoes, you'll want to head to Fluevog Gastown at 5pm! John has always produced 'Unique Soles for Unique Souls', but these are even Uniquer (Uniquier?). [In your best deep, announcer, inside voice] Fluevog Sample Sale! 65 Water Street. 5pm until Midnight... Be There (if you want)!


Fluevog Creative Briefs

This is the beautiful Swordfish, Cooper – it's not out yet. However, if you design the world's best Fluevog ad for it as decided by fellow Fluevogers, you will have more than enough Fluevog credit ($1000!) to get it for free when it comes out in the Spring. Join the Fluevocracy!!


Fluevog Creative Winner

Congratulations Trina Vanaalst! Trina is our 16th official FluevogCreative. Trina Vanaalst was born in Calgary, but is well traveled (thanks to her bucket list). Her love affair with the pencil started at a very early age and hasn't dwindled. Trina is self-taught in traditional mediums such as pencil, charcoal, acrylic and oil paint – check out Trina's Bio on FluevogCreative to see her other incredible work.


European Fluevogers

Dearest European Fluevogers. A reminder that we recently started working with our friends at Brandos and Raspberry Heels so you can get your Fluevog Fix faster and with Free Shipping all over the continent!!

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