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Live in the Present

This season we're going to live in the present, and not in the chore... smile at all strangers, not sulk at the bore. It's coming for sure so we're gonna get up for it... one thing's for sure, our Fluevogs will be a hit! So get out of the office, or whatever your role... and get into town and show off that soul!


Unique Soles

We've always been keen to spread the word of Fluevog around the globe, and Unique Soles has always wanted to spread fabulousness and gorgeousness around New Zealand! So if you live in the land of the All Blacks, pop over to Unique Soles to see Vogs which are anything but.


Vog Socks

Socks may traditionally be known for absorbing sweat and reducing the risk of frostbite, but these new and improved Fluevog socks also absorb an inevitable flow of compliments. The Vog Sock is a solid jersey knit sock with contrasting toecap & heel, and a standard 1x1 ribbed opening. A screenprinted grip of John's signature gives you that extra level of soul protection.


FC Brief

If you have Purpose and Determination, you may just have what it takes to create the world's best Fluevog Ad! Let your cup runneth over with creative juices, download the brief, create and submit your artwork and you could win $1000 of Fluevogs! Save the world from BAdverts!

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