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Cyber Monday Free Shipping

There's no question that robots and such have made parts of our lives easier and to celebrate that we're starting Cyber Monday Free Shipping early.... Like right now!

Although to be honest, we are a little concerned that as robots and such progress, there may be no need to leave your house... ever. Which would mean you wouldn't need amazing, comfy, quality shoes to walk in. Then what will we do? While we try to answer that question, enjoy your Family, Friends and Fluevogs as we sail into the Holiday Season!!

* On domestic shipping only from now until Midnight, Dec. 2nd. Free shipping offer is not available for International, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut orders.

John Fluevog SALE!


FC Winner

Congratulations to Jeff Sant who won the Maggie Boot FluevogCreative Brief! Nice job young man! And thanks as always to all the submitters and voters out there who participated. If you have the world's greatest Fluevog Ad stuck in your head, get it out at FluevogCreative!


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