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• TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2nd 2 0 0 8 •


Join us in San Francisco for a celebration as John gives a sneak preview of some upcoming, never before seen Fluevogs. Also, help us congratulate the latest chosen Open Source Footwear designer, Samantha Zaza. Enjoy refreshments & Flue-nog, fashionable banter & shoe signing, OS designing & gifting, holiday cheer & thankfulness and...
10% off Fluevogs in-store with on-site Open Source design submission!

This Friday, December 5th from 3pm - 8pm. John Fluevog SF, 1697 Haight Street, 415-436-9784.

Free ground shipping when you order 2 pairs or more? Well, let's see, I found shoes for them... now who else could I get a pair of Fluevogs for? Hmmmm. Who loves Fluevogs? Tough one this... wait a second!

After you open the lid of that present with the big special bow and find those cute high-heeled boots you asked for, you have until January 15th to try them on and make sure the size fits, and the colour matches your new Red Rider BB gun. Let's repeat that for Moms and Dads out there in the Holiday Fluniverse: all boots and shoes given as a holiday gift in December, have until January 15th for refunds (regular priced items only) and exchanges.

Don't listen to what your friends say in school, there really is a John Fluevog, and all you have to do is believe in his shoes, and magical things will happen to your feet.


John Says: "Examine your Soul."

Recently, John's been feeling nostalgic for those innocent years when he could be caught in local coffee houses donning his academic tweeds & brogues, and quoting fellow free-thinkers like Tennyson and Wordsworth. John decided to rejuvenate the classic wingtip and brogues designs with a modern twist of veggie tanned leathers. Made in our best old world factories (where, it's very possible, our grandfather's shoes were made), the new Laureates might be Fluevog's finest, and most subtle, masterpieces of this season. From the leather soles with a cemented rubber topy, to each detailed brogue cut-out, the Laureates were carefully (and obsessively) designed to perfection. A unisexy shoe for all occasions, this dress-up/dress-down family will inspire greatness from the ground up.

Since Mr.Cartwright first bounded into John's office, things haven't been the same at Fluevog HQ. John was less interested in his sour-faced frustrations at the markets, than he was in the portfolio bag Mr. Cartwright had left in John's office. An explosion of paperwork, cash bonds, stock certificates, and a half eaten lunch (pepperoni and pickle sandwich), added to the mystique of Mr. Cartwright's bag (which had held the function of a laptop bag and a carry-on briefcase). John instantly drew up the designs, added a Fluevogian sparkle of turquoise zippers and extra pockets, et voila - the new Portfolio bag from John Fluevog is here!

With a sturdy 240 Wagon leather construction, including pressed leather valise handles, a leather shoulder strap, and a collection of leather pockets and sleeves, this Portfolio bag is guaranteed to survive the economic slalom. Go ahead, reinvest in yourself.



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