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• WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2nd 2 0 0 9 •


Welcome to Fluevocracy in Advertising! This is where you can change the future of advertising for the better, one Fluevog Ad at a time. There's also the small matter of winning $1000 in Fluevogs and having your name, url and artwork plastered in classy magazines the world over. To enter, choose any or all of the active briefs, download the toolkit and let the juices flow! While you're there, check out all the submissions and give the thumbs up to the ones you like.

Once the finalists for each brief are chosen, millions of Fluevogers will be called upon to perform their Fluevocratic duty and vote for their favourite (and favorite) Finalist. This very second, the Paperboys Finalists are being voted on so head on over and make your voice heard. When the votes are in, the winning ad will be printed around the globe, and you will have been a part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen.

The truth is, it wasn't much of a contest. Not because there was no such contest, but because everyone knows that John makes some of the best Holiday Party Shoes in the world. We've chosen a few to showcase here, but regardless of what kind of party you've been invited to (and its legalities), John's probably designed the shoe that's perfect for it.


John Says: "When we walk in quiet places our soul is rested."

For the first time ever, John is releasing Limited Edition prints of two original paintings into the world. There are 40 signed & numbered prints of each conceptual painting (that's only 4 per store!). Each Fluevog store will receive their allotment of each ready for sale this weekend!

In the name of Fluevocracy, John is asking Fluevogers the world over to collectively set the price. Go to VogPopuli and enter what you think is a fair price, and by the weekend we will select the middle/median number and that will be the retail price. Choose wisely sweet Fluevogers!

It's a simple question... Do you want to be interrupted every weekend, wherever you go, by strangers mindlessly complimenting you on your incredible bag and subsequently your advanced intelligence and sense of style? If you're prepared to carry that burden, you should be carrying this bag. Using tough Bottero leather (from the Adrian family) for pockets, handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap, the Eddie comes in two colors: Dove Grey waxed cotton, and a soft cotton plaid of yellow, green, red and blue. All Eddie bags come with flash cards of gracious acknowledgments (no they don't).


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