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• MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th 2011 •

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Colouring Books

OK, we'll make it as simple as possible for you adults... these books are not for kids (they may contain racy shoe images). Inside you'll find 22 pages of shoe drawings and a few surprises of awesome. FluevogSCIENCE: They're printed in Canada on FSC certified, 100% post-consumer fibre, and processed chlorine-free using biogas energy by people you'd like. They're $5.50 each, or FREE with every transaction over $250 in store or online, while supplies last.


Fresh Socks

That's right! Fluevog Socks are here just in time for holiday stockings. What incredible unplanned, uncanny, unconscious timing. They come in any pattern you like (as long as it's this one), and fit perfectly between your feet and your Fluevogs for that extra layer of soul protection.


Radio ContestIf you have ears and/or feet, this should interest you: This is the last day to enter to win a pair or Fluevog Radio Shoes and a beautiful wooden Vers Radio! Enter now and tell us your first radio memory and your favourite radio host.


Other RetailersGravity Pope has been one of John's oldest and most loyal store accounts since just before the beginning of time. If you're strolling along 82nd Ave in Edmonton, 17th Ave SW in Calgary or West 4th in Vancouver, pop in and say hello – they're always delightfully staffed and Fluevog stocked.


John Says:
"Stand proud, walk in the love you have been given."


Order by Dec 13th

If you're ordering Christmas Fluevogs for someone in your life (how sweet are you?!), order by December 13th to get it anywhere in Continental USA or Canada via ground shipping before the 25th. For expedited deliveries, please contact one of our stores to place the order via telephone (jumbo messenger pigeon option legal in three states).


Gnome for the Holidays

All our stores have Christmas Fluevog Gnomes in them, and recently Gnomeland Security advised that it's unsafe to have so many gnomes in one place. Between now and Christmas, come into any Fluevog Store, buy a pair of shoes, tell us something Gnome-related and you get to TAKE ONE HOME!! Tell us about the first time you watched Gnome Alone, or how you're working on the human g-gnome project, or that in your old age, you've become a bit of a gnomad. (While gnome supplies last, in store only.)


FC Vote

The Swordfish Cooper has garnered more submissions than any brief to date – this shoe is amazing, and inspiring. There were so many good ones to choose from but you made your voices heard and the finalists have been chosen. Vote once a day sweet Fluevogers for your favourite Swordfish Creative, and we'll put it in magazines around the world! Raise your voice!! Long Live Fluevocracy!!


Fluevog Creative Briefs

This is the beautiful Miracle Medugorje – it's not out yet. However, if you design the world's best Fluevog ad for it as decided by fellow Fluevogers, you will have more than enough Fluevog credit ($1000!) to get it for free when it comes out in the Spring. Be the change Save the world from BAdverts!!




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