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• FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10th 2 0 1 0 •

On behalf of all of us at Fluevog I want to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and say thank you as always for Fluevoging and being a part of (y)our community this year - it's not just token, we always appreciate it. Science has shown that Fluevogers are good people most of the year, so be good to yourselves this Holiday while you continue to be good to others. I hope that you'll be able to spend time with friends and loved ones over the holidays, and that your New Year will be filled with creativity, love and fun.

Thanks for wearing my shoes,
Love John

Having always been a part-time dandy, John has a certain affection for neck decoration and accents. That's why, when it was suggested he release a celebratory, unisex, 40 year anniversary, limited-edition, collaborative tie, he got very excited (in a refined and leisurely manner of course).

John connected with the understated and esoteric, New York based label One Way One Bright Pass (who are known for mixing cutting edge design with a commitment to improving the lives of people living in poverty) to design and produce 40 Fluevog Ties. Each of the 40 Fluevog/OWOBP ties are made in NYC with the finest fabrics by people you'd like.

Continental USA and Canada Ground Shipping Only. For expedited deliveries, please contact one of our stores HERE to place the order via telephone.

There's no use fighting it... you know you're weird. It's time to embrace it and get some shoes for it!

Embrace your weirdness and show us just how weird you can get! Take a picture of yourself in a pair of Fluevogs doing something weird or wearing something weird outside one of our store windows (or with the words "No, You're Weird") and submit it here to win $1000 of Fluevogs!

Having trouble deciding which Fluevogs are the perfect ones for that last minute gift? Worry not wise men! If you're in an official Fluevog City, head in and grab a Fluevog Gift Card charged with any amount you want. If you're online, you can order a Gift Certificate up until midnight December 23rd and print a copy for your beloved. You can also email Certificates to anyone (well... anyone with an email address). Both are redeemable at fluevog.com or in one of our 11 delicious stores. Don't Delay Fluevog Today!

Say hello to Erin Hamelin, our latest official FluevogCreative. Erin submitted artwork for the Radio ABCs (set to come out Spring '11), was running against some other excellent submissions and came out on top thanks to your voting! Have a gander at Erin's previous work and the inspiration that led to her winning submission, and look for her artwork in publications around the globe.

If this gets your juices flowing, nurture it, as we have recently uploaded a new design brief looking for artwork. If you have the world's greatest ad stuck in your head for this shoe, and like the idea of Fame, Fortune, Romance and Juice, get it out of your head and into FluevogCreative. Be a part of global Fluevocracy and save the world from bad adverts.

FluevogCreative is a little over a year old and we have been so amazed at the participation and artwork that has come through. There have been 11 Official FluevogCreatives with bios, ads around the world and healthy shoe closets, hundreds of submissions, and thousands and thousands of votes cast. Our thanks to everyone who has participated - especially to all the artists who have shared their artwork and creativity with Fluevog and other Fluevogers. THANK YOU!

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