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December, 23, 2002.
OKAY: There's your version, there's our version, then there's the big Fluevog sale where you can get up to 60% off selected merchandise. When it comes to great shoes at great prices, hey, our cheque is in the mail! From now, until the end of January, we'll give you deals you'll hardly believe are true. So, get your butt down to the one place the truth doesn't hurt. But don't ask us nothin' about nothin' - we just might, well, you know.
Now that the holiday season has ended and we are on to a New Year. Are there people you think you have wronged or slighted in 2002? Do you feel guilty about how you've treated someone and want to make it up to them? Bury the hatchet with a John Fluevog Gift Certificate. It's the best way to make that special someone know you still care. They can be bought in denominations of $10 starting at a minimum of $20. But the best part about these is that they can be used against purchases either on-line or in one of seven North American John Fluevog Stores.
Here's just a couple examples of what comes from the fruits of Fluevogers efforts. There's still more chosen designs to come in the Spring 2003 season but here's a bit of a sneak preview for those who have been following the gruelling design process. Check it out first right here and when you get the chance, go to our Open Source Footwear section and submit your own designs. Get your very own name on thousands of shoe boxes all across the land and see what it's like to have other people walking in your shoes. FAME, FORTUNE, FLUEVOGDOM awaits so get out those crayons and draw up some future Fluevogs!

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