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Dear Fluevogers: We wanted to make sure that YOU heard about our SALE this year, because it is quite literally the biggest sale we've ever had — some shoes are almost FREE.

To do that, and to cut through the clutter and the distraction, we decided to take it a SEX further to WIN your attention. We've used all the trigger words we all LOVE in the English & French language (as per Science) in the hopes that you (HOT) will notice us and learn that the NEW shoes you've always wanted are now available at the BEST sale prices on earth... BACON.

Sale Shoes


FC Brief

If you have Purpose and Determination, you may just have what it takes to create the world's best Fluevog Ad! Let your cup runneth over with creative juices, download the brief, create and submit your artwork and you could win $1000 of Fluevogs! Save the world from BAdverts!


Walk in pleasure

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