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John Fluevog Sale 2008

MONDAY - December 29th 2008

John Fluevog is making it easier for Fluevogers to buy better, and buy less, while saving some dough. Regardless of the climate we find ourselves in - economic, meteorologic, or otherwise - buying quality is always a sound investment. It has been scientifically proven that Fluevogs outlast the competition in terms of quality, comfort and consistent complimenting by a long shot.* In fact, John is a founding member of the NSI (Nostradamic Style Index) which is why his shoes (and your shoes) remain fashionable for years and years. We'll leave the rest of the buy better, buy less philosophy up to you - we'll just continue making the best footwear on the planet. DDFT

John Fluevog SALE!

*not scientifically proven

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