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JOHN SAYS: December 31, 2005

"What does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world but suffer the loss of his sole?"


Holidays can be rough: rough on the budget, rough on the energy and rough on the soul. That’s why John picked this post-holiday time to offer you the chance to Renew Your Soul, with Energy Enhancing Colors and Styles at 60% off – one click of the mouse and you can be rough-free . Simply purchase a pair of heavily/heavenly discounted Fluevog Shoes, place on floor in front of you and jump in (preferably feet-first) - the effects will be instantaneous.

Additionally, if you're planning to do any Fluevoging in the next little while (we live in a pretty rough world) - now's the time to stock up. The amount of goodness you can accomplish with a renewed soul is just short of infinite. In fact, buy a couple of pairs and you’re practically making money.  Don’t Delay Fluevog Today.

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