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Choice Aileen
Aileen Lau
Richmond, BC

Aileen submitted this design in late 2002. Not long after that our design team used it as inspiration for a new Family called 'Choice', which feature a heart shaped heel. On the soul of the shoe reads "To Love or to Hate, the Choice is yours".

In her own words, Fluevogin' Aileen is "an emancipated geek, a compulsive arm hooker, fully conversant in HTML, and more trouble than she appears". Along with Fluevogs, she likes "milk with pizza, Scottish accents, squeeze toys, round-toed shoes, crème brulee, Longpigs, pho and traveling", almost as much. When she's not designing new Fluevogs she makes lavender cookies, jewelery, fonts and mischief - all at the same time.

"I was on the look out for a fun shoe with an even funner heel, but couldn't find anything that fit the bill -  so I just came up with my own design. Actually, that's how I started making fonts too.  It took about two hours to draw, but I've probably been planning it in my head since birth."


See The Chosen

See The Chosen


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