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Mini Masarek
Jessica M.
Boston, MA

We liked this shoe for its three thin straps and it's cut-out teardrops on the side. We moved the teardrops to the front, took away the peep-toe, added some piping and moved it on to a Mini heel which came out in Fall 2003.

I've had the privilege of living most of the last decade in a Fluevog city (first Boston, then NYC), having access to what continue to be some of the most creative and uniquely-styled shoes available. I mean, who can turn down a sole that resists Satan?!

I've been dreaming up designs for shoes and clothes as long as I can remember, and Open Source allowed me to see my creation come to life (did I say wow!?).   Inspired by my short-lived shoe fame, and after relocating to New York, I decided to take my shoe obsession to the next level – DIY-style.   From Emily Putterman, FIT professor and cordwainer extraordinaire, I learned to channel my creativity and blend it with the practical skills of shoemaking.   And let me just say, it ain't easy!   I now have a sketchbook full of designs (now brilliantly rendered sans crayon, I might add) that I'm just dying to make and wear… but one at a time.   While I would love to make them for friends, or paying customers (!), there simply aren't enough hours in the day (is anyone working on this problem, by the way?!)!

My dream? Shoemaker to the stars. My reality? Science by day, art by night. I'm a photographer, knitter, shoemaker, reader, writer, gamer (butcher, baker, candlestickmaker?) and my work in Pharma pays the bills. So I'll keep on keepin' on until Sarah Jessica Parker comes-a-knockin' to make her a pair of shoes.


See The Chosen

See The Chosen


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