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Mini Lily Darling
Lily Edwards
Calgary, AB

Lily's design was promoted in 2002 and put into production for the Spring line in 2003. Her design was a pivotal inspiration for the birth of the now famous MINI Family.

I have been Fluevogin' for about 6 years. I first saw the store in Vancouver while I was visiting my sister. I bought a pair of silver shoes with tall translucent heels. I wore them out dancing many times and they were fabulous! Some time later I got a postcard in the mail, inviting a submission for the Open Source Footwear Program. The design process was pretty quick. I drew a shoe that I would like to wear, with a cool heel and a nice round toe to accomodate my wide feet. I was shocked when I found out that the shoe was going to be made!

I have 4 younger sisters, and since then we all have at least two pairs of the Lily shoe - various versions. We all wore the shoe at my wedding.

My daughter Sophie is already a shoe lover, so watch for a Sophie in about twenty years! She would love to have a pair of Vogs now (any chance that there might be a collection for toddlers?).

Thanks again for everything!


See The Chosen

See The Chosen


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