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Love Rodeo Watson
DJ Watson

I have been Fluevogin' for about 5 or 6 years now. I own 3 pairs currently, but will soon own more than a boy really should. One day many years ago, a fellow co-worker of mine turned my attention to the Open Source Footwear Contest.

Lucky for me, I just happen to be a web designer, consequently giving me full access to all the necessary tools to make the Fluevogian shoe design of a lifetime. So I pulled together all of the creative juices that I had coursing through my veins, and in combination with my girlfriend's brilliant girly ideas (after all, I did design a woman's shoe...), so was born the "Love Rodeo Watson". I never expected to be one of the chosen.

I had never really won anything in life before. But on this most glorious of occasions, I waged a battle against the odds, finally coming out on top as one of the elite to join the limited ranks of Open Source Footwear contest winners.

For the first time, it was my name in the marquee. My idea in lights shining for all to see. Alas, my time had come to truly shine; to make my mark as a Fluevoger for all to aspire to. And who knows, maybe one day again I will prove myself as a true Fluevog Alumni, winning for an unprecedented second time; adding yet another score on what now stands as the first real mark on my list of great accomplishments.

I am still to this day a web designer, and have been for over 5 years now. I hope to soon be married to a very lovely lady (maybe even lucky enough to one day own a pair of Rodeo Watson's herself). And I hope to once again win this contest, only this time with a shoe of which I could adorn my unworthy feet.


See The Chosen

See The Chosen


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