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Urban Angel Traffic
Nastassia Pojidaeva
Moscow, RUSSIA

Nastassia submitted this beautiful casual design in 2004. It was divinely chosen and included in the Fall 2005 line in the Urban Angel Family.

Says Nastassia, "I have been Fluevogin' for years - well not just me, but my family also. I took part in the Fluevog Open Source Footwear Program because I was always impressed with Fluevog's vision of shoe shapes, their proportions and courage with colour composition. I am simply in love with the art of shoe making and design, and wish I was a better draftswoman."

Nastassia is a Screenwriter in Moscow, Russia and is the only Fluevoger in the Galaxy that has had 2 submissions turned into real-life Fluevogs!! Check out her Halo submission.


See The Chosen

See The Chosen


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