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Mini Zaza
Samantha Zaza
San Francisco, CA

From my very first pair of Merrilees [also an OpenSourceFootwear shoe!], I have been in love with Fluevogs. Three years later, and my Vog collection continues to grow. I live in San Francisco and my feet are my "sole" method of transport, so I was thrilled to find shoes that are not only gorgeous, but also comfortable and tough. My favourite Vogs are my Operetta Giulias - I have two pairs with paper-thin soles!

I wanted to design a shoe that was stylish with a low heel, something for conquering the hills. I love maryjanes and oxfords, and spats have always intrigued me, so I tried to come up with a shoe that combined elements of these styles. Before going to bed one night, I doodled my shoe idea on the back of an appliance manual that was nearby. Having my little drawing realized- the thought that my shoe is going to be a Fluevog and worn by stylish people all over the world- has made me the happiest girl! I am thrilled beyond belief!

Currently I work as a graphic designer, and spend every other moment painting and drawing (szaza.com). Two of my latest series of drawings are "Angry Women in Party Dresses" and "Coup," portraits of pigeons in Napoleonic military uniforms. I regularly show work in San Francisco and recently had some pieces in a New York exhibition. I dream of one day of flying to Beijing and taking the Trans-Mongolian railway to Moscow... in Fluevogs.


See The Chosen

See The Chosen


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