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IS YOUR IMAGINATION ahead of the whole shoe industry and you're sick of waiting for them to catch up? Here's your chance to go over their heads and deal with someone who actually cares what you want. All that you need is that brilliant idea. Even just for part of a shoe - scribble it down and send it to us. We don't care if it's on a bar napkin, as long as we can make it out. So, fax it, mail it, email it, bring it in, just get it to us!

Will I Be Rich? Are you insane? Nobody gets paid for Open Source Footwear designs because nobody owns them. That's right: once you send us your design, it becomes public domain, freely available to all. We might use the whole thing, base a design of our own on it or just part of it. And your idea might only be for part of a shoe anyway. This keeps everything fair.

Will I be Famous? Even better. You'll be Fluevog Design Alumni. We'll name the shoe after you. Give us a second choice, though, just in case your name happens to be "I. M. Satan", or something. We'll also put you on our website, so get into that photo booth and smile, Bucko!

Will I Be Pretty? Ask your Mother.


there Since we launched Open source Footwear, it's become the most visited page on our entire website. Except for this picture of John, wearing only underpants. We make selections through a combination of peer voting, feasibility and if we just plain like the designs. Then, we cover all the costs & development process (it takes about a year to produce a shoe) and get your shoe onto the market, without having to put our prices up or go broke. Always a bonus. It's worked beautifully and you've proven that Fluevogers have more to say than just, "Way rad, dude". You do it; we love it. Bring it on.

The Form
Here's our official form. Do you have to use our official form? Hell, no. We don't care if you draw on the back of the Magna Carta. This ain't no contest - this is Open Source Footware.
Ready: Aim Fluevog! Once the sun's risen and you've cleaned up the chicken entrails, it's time to put your design into the cannon and fire it at us. Just follow the instructions - so simple, even we can do it.

You want results? We're all about results. You can check out the impressive number of submissions and vote for your picks, or you can see those rare and superb specimens that passed every test and will now ascend to the status of Real Shoes.

Real Open Source
Without Open Source Software, this whole concept wouldn't exist. If you want to find more about the real thing, here are some excellent places to start.

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