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Ohio, USA
Open Source designer of The Queen Transcendent Elizabeth

Jody was first introduced to Fluevog Shoes by her good friend Sigrid, who owned Village Shoes at the time, in Ashland, Oregon. She first laid eyes on the Mini Qtees and thought they were over the top...Read More
York, PA
Open Source designer of
The Miracles Hollie

Hollie started Fluevogin' in 1998, when she was studying at the Maryland Institute and College of Art. After spotting Fluevogs in the window of a small boutique that sold chocolates and shoes…Read More
San Francisco, CA
Open Source designer of
The Mini Zaza

From my very first pair of Merrilees [also an OpenSourceFootwear shoe!], I have been in love with Fluevogs. Three years later, and my Vog collection continues to grow. I live in San Francisco... Read More
North Carolina, USA
Open Source designer of The Nannette

Janet submitted her design in 2006. Along with submitting her design, she emailed us long poetic letters about why her boot was a necessity in the world - her first email was titled, simply "Please don't say no"...
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Moscow, Russia
Open Source designer of
The Urban Angel Traffic

Nastassia submitted this beautiful casual design in 2004. It was divinely chosen and included in the Fall 2005 line in the Urban Angel Family. Says Nastassia, "I have been Fluevogin' for years - well not just me, but my family also. I took part in...Read More
Provo, UT
Open Source designer of
The Merrilee

Merrilee graced our program with her beautiful design in 2004. It was such a perfect fit with our Hi Fellowship shape & heel, and direction, that is was produced in Fall 2005... Read More
Kitchener, ON
Open Source designer of
The Hi Choice Vanny

We really liked Carrie's ideas and found that it fit something we had already been brewing up in the Fluevog dungeon. The heart-shaped details really worked well with the Hi Choice Vanny we were conceptualizing and took the heart details as inspiration...
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Open Source designer of
The Love Rodeo Watson

I have been Fluevogin' for about 5 or 6 years now. I own 3 pairs currently, but will soon own more than a boy really should. One day many years ago, a fellow co-worker of mine turned my attention to the Open Source Footwear Contest... Read More
Albuquerque, NM
Open Source designer of
The Urban Angel Whitney

Whitney's submission was used for a line in late Spring 2003. His pattern had been designed for, and was destined to be, a Seventh Heaven Angel. However, at the last minute, John thought that it's asymmetrical lines were more conducive to a new...
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Moscow, Russia
Open Source designer of
The Halo Anastassia

Nastassia submitted this beautiful flat back in 2002. It was divinely chosen and included in a new Spring 2003 line called The Halo's... Read More
Richmond, BC
Open Source designer of
The Choice Aileen

Aileen submitted this design in late 2002. Not long after that our design team used it as inspiration for a new Family called 'Choice', which feature a heart shaped heel. On the soul of the shoe reads "To Love or to Hate, the Choice is yours"... Read More
Calgary, AB
Open Source designer of
The Mini Lily Darling

Lily's design was promoted in 2002 and put into production for the Spring line in 2003. Her design was a pivotal inspiration for the birth of the now famous MINI Family...
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Vancouver, BC
Open Source designer of
The Nature Angel Manship

The Manship has been a mainstay in the Fluevog collection ever since it's inception... Read More
Boston, MA
Open Source designer of
The Mini Masarek

We liked this shoe for its three thin straps and it's cut-out teardrops on the side. We moved the teardrops to the front, took away the peep-toe, added some piping and moved it on to a Mini heel which came out in Fall 2003... Read More

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