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Sign the Fluevogian petition to get off work 30 minutes early on Fluevog Day (Wednesday, May 15th) and be part of the largest Fluevogian movement since The Vogkings (slightly shorter Vikings)! If successful, what you do with your new found free time is up to you, but we would suggest you head to your local
Fluevog Store (or tune in Social(Media)ly) for 5:15pm to be a part of Fluevog History!!
Imagine... free time on the Greatest Day of the Year™!!

Send a fun, harmless email to my boss requesting to leave work 30 minutes early on May 15th.
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More Signatures = Better Chance. Spread the Word!

John S. Rice, Grand Forks, ND

Tess Ames, Denver CO

Rosemarrie Cook, Ottawa, Ontario

Amelia von Grimm, Concord, NH

Jody, Jordan MN

Tracey Loewen, Saskatoon

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