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New Shoes by John Fluevog

Spring 2010 - John Fluevog Shoes

Canadian Shoe Designer John Fluevog is thrilled to announce the release of some gorgeous new lines and colours for this, his 40TH SPRING SEASON! Prepare for the sunshine and sassiness.

Beats Snyder & Kerouac

For the spontaneous hitchhikers and wine spilled poets looking for that ideal shoe, the Beat Family was made for you. Featuring tunite soles, stacked leather heels, deep leathers, and tri-colored stitching, this shoe inspires you to live dangerously. Who knows, you just might inspire generations to come? "Follow the Beat of your Soul."



BELLEVUE Fannie Porter, Sally Skull, & Ida Clark

While watching a classic spaghetti western, John was inspired by the feisty, foul-mouthed and fabulous women of the ol' Wild West and started to draw up designs for the new Bellevue family. Don't be fooled by the soft dusty Italian leathers with cute detailing on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue soles, these are dangerously tough shoes. While we doubt anyone will be wrangling cattle, robbing banks, or working the saloons in these beauties, you know that they are sturdy enough to make it through the gauntlet when called upon. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination.




After getting cornered by an old friend at his high school reunion, John realized that some things never change, and true friendship has no boundaries. Inspired by this revelation, John designed the Fellowship family to stand the test of time, being both reliable and refined. Featuring a natural toe shape with soft rubber soles & heels, this shoe is perfect for everyday wear. "Old Friends are Good Friends."


Get Up

GET UP Barkerville & Eureka

John has made use of numerous earth conscious materials and processes to make this uniquely Fluevogian eco-friendly alternative. The uppers are vegetable tanned leather that are free of chromates (a standard bi-product of traditional tanning methods). Aside from using water-based adhesive and leather wrapped heels, these new wedges are a sleek modern design with a Fluevogian twist. Combining style and comfort, the Get Up leave small footprints, no matter what your shoe size.


Listen Up
LISTEN UP Buffy & Stacy

John is reintroducing the Listen Ups, a favourite classic for high heeled lovers. Featuring a brand new 4" heel, soft Analine leathers, and a comfortable 1/4" platform, the new Listen Ups will certainly bring some sass to your Spring!


LOOK Sparrow & Osprey

A couple of years ago, a feathery friend flew the coop to visit John in his apartment. Often inspired by odd occurrences, John drew up the designs for a flat in a classic mod shape with 1" heels, glossy soles, streamlined pointed toes, and soft thin crinkly leathers making this the perfect Family for flying above the flock. "Look, the window is open..."


MINI Sweet Pea & Zaza

When the Mini heel was first introduced in 2001, John decided all styles with this heel would be named after lover's nicknames. Over the years, the style names have been getting extremely personal! The Minis feature contrast piping, soft analine leathers, a rubber F-Sole, and the iconic 3" hourglass heel for the ultimate traction, durability and comfort. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!


OPERETTA Viardot, Malibran, & Fiorenza

With soft Baccarat patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and a 2.5" leather wrapped heel, the Operetta Family could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevogs ever. Named after extremely dramatic Opera singers, the Operetta family will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for skipping and singing. "Your love makes me sing."




As a young and gawky teenager, Johnny Fluevog would spend hours working on his old car while the chatter of his constant companion kept him company - a portable AM radio. Many years later, John broadcasts style and comfort via the Radio family. Featuring a teal/royal blue splash of color on the heel, an upturned toe, a wider footbed, and a tunite heel & sole, the Radio Family is the soundtrack to your life. "Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!"



Sexy open-toe designs with delicious leathers on a 1" solid inch platform and 4" heel make the Summertime sandals perfect for those 70's reunion tours that will be rolling through your town soon. Dust off your bell bottoms and fringed suede, and rock out! "Take it Easy!"


Together Hi

Sometimes its hard to be in the spotlight. Lately, everyone seems to be making a fuss, and you have to stop to wonder if its all about you or your new 3" leather wrapped heeled Fluevogs. The sultry, but solid-heeled Benatar featuring Ciclone pull-up leathers with strap and buckle details, is going to make a splash on the scene.



WEAREVER Gracias & Mahalo

Crafted on a sturdy 2" heel and soft rubber sole, while using reliable shiraz leathers for an eloquent oblique toe shape, the Wearever family will be your trusty companion on many adventures. "Wearever You Go Give Thanks."


John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear and accessories. Since 1970 he has been steadfast in creating unique soles for unique souls that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna and the Scissor Sisters to the runways of high fashion. Fluevogs were recently hailed as being "WIRED" in Wired Magazine and have been voted Shoes of the Year too many times to mention. Additionally, John recently spoke at the L'Oreal Melbourne International Fashion Festival and has just opened The New Worldwide Flagship John Fluevog Shoes Store and Fluevog Design Offices in Vancouver, Canada.

John Fluevog est un designer indépendant et un détaillant de chaussures qui se démarquent. Depuis 1970 il crée des chaussures uniques qui ajoutent de la personnalité à celui ou celle qui les porte, et ce, de façon constante. Ses créations ont été vues partout - allant des pieds de Madonna et des membres du groupe Scissor Sisters aux défilés de la haute couture. La revue Wired Magazine a d'ailleurs récemment donné la mention «WIRED» aux chaussures Fluevogs! De plus, John a récemment été invité au Festival international de la mode l'Oréal de Melbourne et au Salon de l'habitation et du design de Vancouver.

Press-ready photos available upon request. For more information or to talk to John contact:
Photos de presse disponibles. Pour plus d'informations ou pour une entrevue avec John Fluevog :

Stephen Fluevog
phone 604-688-2879 x226
email stephen@fluevog.com

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