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New Shoes by John Fluevog

FEBRUARY 2009 - John Fluevog Shoes

Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog is pleased to announce the Zaza shoe. San Francisco artist Samantha Zaza submitted her design to Fluevog’s largely successful Open Source Program, and it was recently selected to be made upon the classic favourite Fluevog Mini Heel.

As a child, Samantha spent as much time as possible drawing. She wore down her first Prismacolors in Istanbul, discovered ink in Waterloo and fell for oils in Cairo. She drew all over everything— the desks at school, her books, and her shoes.

Many years later, before going to bed one night, Samantha doodled her shoe idea on the back of an appliance manual that was nearby, and decided to submit her idea to John Fluevog via www.opensourcefootwear.com.  A year later, and after wishing it into existence, Samantha is wearing her design on her feet as Fluevog produced it to be available in all its stores.

“I love mary janes and oxfords, and spats have always intrigued me, so I tried to come up with a shoe that combined elements of these styles” says Samantha about her shoe.

The Zaza has a spats inspired wide strap with three cutesy buttons attached by elastic, and comes in two color combinations – black & beige and brown & green.

The Zaza is the 12th Chosen submission to Fluevog's Open Source Footwear. All previous Chosen Fluevogs, and the glorious abundance of submissions can be seen at www.opensourcefootwear.com.


John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear. Since 1970 he has been steadfast in creating unique soles for unique souls that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna to the runways of high fashion.

John Fluevog est un designer indépendant et un détaillant de chaussures qui se démarquent. Depuis 1970 il crée des chaussures uniques qui ajoutent de la personnalité à celui ou celle qui les porte, et ce, de façon constante. Ses créations ont été vues partout - allant des pieds de Madonna et des membres du groupe Scissor Sisters aux défilés de la haute couture. La revue Wired Magazine a d'ailleurs récemment donné la mention «WIRED» aux chaussures Fluevogs! De plus, John a récemment été invité au Festival international de la mode l'Oréal de Melbourne et au Salon de l'habitation et du design de Vancouver.

Press-ready photos available upon request. For more information or to talk to John contact:
Photos de presse disponibles. Pour plus d'informations ou pour une entrevue avec John Fluevog :

Stephen Fluevog
604-688-2879 x226

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