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May 2011 - John Fluevog Shoes

From his invention of the internet to his wildly successful social media platform "Feetbook" (patent pending), John Fluevog has always been on the forefront of modern technology. For Spring 11, John decided to include QR codes into his design palette for the new colours of the handmade Ask Clogs.

In another global first, Fluevog presents not only the first piece of footwear incorporating a QR code, but a code that links directly to a video of that particular piece of footwear being made. QR codes on packaging and products is nothing new, but instead of a scan taking you to some random facts or a promotion involving the product, Fluevog's QR code takes you on a journey to watch your shoe being produced step by step, from the raw materials to surrounding your beautiful toes.

Ask Response

It's these kinds of cutting edge efforts that get Fluevog Shoes noticed by publications like FastCompany who named Fluevog one of the Top Ten most innovative fashion companies of 2010. Because in this day and age, there are leaders, and there are Fluevogers... just up ahead.

Watch the video that documents the production of the unique and handmade Ask Clogs.


Ask Response

Ask Response

Based off an old Fox & Fluevog clog last, the Response is a handmade wooden clog perfect for the sunshine and warm weather. This is an updated classic Fluevog design that features an adjustable T-strap, long toe, hand painted edges, and brass buckles and tacks. Built on a stained Chilean Pine wooden sole and heel, and laminated in a vertical direction to prevent splitting or chipping, the Response is handmade in a Mexican factory that has specialized in wooden clogs for over twenty years. Adding a rubber topy on the sole for grip and soft local leathers, produced in small and limited numbers, this is the Response you've waiting for. Ask and you shall receive. (Response $169 US/ $189 CDN available at all Fluevog stores and online).


John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear and accessories. Since 1970 he has been steadfast in creating unique soles for unique souls that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna and the Scissor Sisters to the runways of high fashion. Fluevogs were recently named one of the world’s most innovative companies in the fashion industry by creative business experts Fast Company, and have been voted Shoes of the Year too many times to mention. Additionally, John recently spoke at the L'Oreal Melbourne International Fashion Festival and has just opened The New Worldwide Flagship John Fluevog Shoes Store and Fluevog Design Offices in Vancouver, Canada.

John Fluevog est un designer indépendant et un détaillant de chaussures qui se démarquent. Depuis 1970 il crée des chaussures uniques qui ajoutent de la personnalité à celui ou celle qui les porte, et ce, de façon constante. Ses créations ont été vues partout - allant des pieds de Madonna et des membres du groupe Scissor Sisters aux défilés de la haute couture. La revue Wired Magazine a d'ailleurs récemment donné la mention «WIRED» aux chaussures Fluevogs! De plus, John a récemment été invité au Festival international de la mode l'Oréal de Melbourne et au Salon de l'habitation et du design de Vancouver.

Press-ready photos available upon request. For more information or to talk to John contact:
Photos de presse disponibles. Pour plus d'informations ou pour une entrevue avec John Fluevog :

Stephen Fluevog
phone 604-688-2879 x226
email stephen@fluevog.com
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