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New Shoes by John Fluevog

FALL 2011- John Fluevog Shoes

Canadian Shoe Designer John Fluevog, fresh off the heels of a spectacular Spring season and opening three spectacular new stores in Portland, Quebec and Calgary, announces the release of new hip and stylish shoes and boots for the Fall 2011 season.

F11 760 Turbo

760 TURBO Wilsgaarde & Larson

In the 1990s, John introduced his 240 Wagon series, providing stylish and sturdy footwear for all weather conditions. 20 years later, John decided that the 240s needed an upgrade and set his mind to redesign an already time-proven shoe family. Reminiscent of the reliable Volvo John bought for his young family in 1985 (still running!), John sought inspiration in the boxy and geometrically designed Volvo 760 with inter-cooled turbo.

Using the same tough waxy leathers from the 240s, a square toed last for a wider foot, and 100% vulcanized rubber soles, any style in the 760 Turbo family is all purpose and excellent on ice, snow, and slush. The 760 Turbo F-Sole even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight will give you hours of toasty toes in the winter (don't get us wrong, they're wonderful in milder climates as well). These re-soleable, tough shoes will cover many miles for many years to come. (Wilsgaarde $299 US/ $309 CDN, Larson $239 US/ $255 CDN).


F11 Adrian

ADRIAN Agnes & Amanda

A comfortable and reliable family featuring swing toe lasts, rubber soles, and tough Bottero pull-up leathers, the Adrian family has become many ladies' go-to boots for the Wintery season. Drawn as a modern western boot on a men's boot last, the family is named after John's son Adrian who is known for his warm geniality and generosity. A thankful person is a happy person. (Agnes $365 US/ $385 CDN, Amanda $225 US/ $225 CDN).


F11 Adriana

ADRIANA Nuni & Luna

Featuring swing toe lasts, removable harnesses, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, the Adriana styles are solid winter boots that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while looking fantastic. Combining the design elements of Adrian family with full grain Atlas leathers from the Radios that crease and patina, the styles in the Adriana family will look great with age. Drawn as a western boot meets worksite boot, the family is named after John's son Adrian who is known for his warm geniality and generosity. A thankful person is a happy person. (Nuni $289 US/ $299 CDN, Luna $349 US/ $359 CDN)


F11 Another Day


Designed many years ago, the Another Day Family has gone through many different designs, fits, patterns, and leathers in many different factories to get them just right before ever being produced. Taking his inspiration from the Wild West, John tried to design a boot that could have been worn 150 years ago by settlers, cowgirls, and stylish train robbers. The Another Days feature soft, but rugged suedes, Western-design stitching, stitched leather soles, and breasted 2.75" stacked leather heels, making this the perfect boot to be worn while dancing the can-can in bloomers, knickers, or any lacy undergarments while the sweet scent of Sarsaparilla lingers softly in the air. Another day with hope. (Monday $289 US/ $299 CDN).



F11 Attention

ATTENTION Jolie & Paris

There are times when you want to walk into a room, and stun everyone so they stop chatting to turn their heads and look you up and down. Then the whispering starts, wondering who is this vixen who just walked in? Is she a movie star? A rockstar? A model? So you confidently walk across the room, leaving a trail of heat and jealousy, knowing no one in the room looks as hot as you do in your Fluevog Attention heels. The Attention Family has a 4" curvy leather wrapped heel - the vivacious and sophisticated big sister to the teapot and coffee heels - with a small platform for comfort and confidence. Named after shameless attention seekers, these shoes make everyone take notice! (Jolie $299 US/ $299 CDN, Paris $255 US/ $255 CDN).


F11 Banker

BANKER Cornelius & Getty

The Bankers feature the F-Sole, a classic sole that we have been carrying since its inception in 1997, mostly due to fact that the F-sole is time-tested and renowned for its comfort and durability. The 100% vulcanized rubber sole has excellent traction on ice, snow, slush and even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight, it will give you hours of toasty toes in the winter. Although they're wonderful in mild weather as well, these tough, re-soleable shoes will allow you to "F" off in bad weather for many storms to come. (Cornelius $309 US/ $329 CDN, Getty $289 US/ $299 CDN).


F11 Baroque

BAROQUE Velazquez & Cortona

During the Baroque Art Period, art patrons called for a more dramatic and emotional design which, unbeknown to the artists, was displayed as a means of impressing others with political power and control. Being the art historian that John is, he drew correlations between the Baroque era and modern fashion, as patrons of both are focused on becoming status symbols by impressing and attracting attention with their artistic & flamboyant tastes. Built on an exquisite and decadent Louis the 14th hexagonal heel, the Baroques combine soft stamped suedes with robust patent straps & tips, and finished with ornate buckles. Perfect for those who know that real power is in the delicacies of visual curves and the contrapposto of royal materials, just like an imperfect pearl. There is no fashion like old fashion.(Velazquez $459 US/ $ 479 CDN, Cortona $265 US/ $265 CDN).


F11 Beats

BEAT Whalen

For the spontaneous hitchhikers and wine spilled poets looking for that ideal shoe, the Beat Family was made for you. Featuring tunite soles, stacked leather heels, deep leathers, and tri-colored stitching, this shoe inspires you to live dangerously. Who knows, you just might inspire generations to come? Follow the Beat of your Soul. (Whalen $259 US/ $269 CDN).


F11 Begin

BEGIN Vera Ellen

Get into the groove with your new Fluevog kicks! Designed to imitate the ease and comfort of a ballet flat, John stepped up the Begin Family with a slouchy slip-on casual fit on a soft rubber sole and stacked tunite heel. Made of soft pliable vegetable-tanned leathers, that are twisted and scrunched when dyed to achieve a crinkled textured appearance, The Begins are perfect for that rebellious Ballerina look. Let the Dance Begin. (Vera Ellen $275 US/ $285 CDN).


F11 Bellevue

BELLEVUE Annie Steel, Dora Dufran, & Pearl Hart

While watching a classic spaghetti western, John was inspired by the feisty, foul-mouthed and fabulous women of the ol' Wild West and started to draw up new designs for the Bellevue family. Don't be fooled by the soft dusty Italian leathers with cute detailing on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue soles, these are dangerously tough shoes. While we doubt anyone will be wrangling cattle, robbing banks, or working the saloons in these beauties, you know that they are sturdy enough to make it through the gauntlet when called upon. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination. (Annie Steel $339 US/ $349 CDN, Dora Dufran $265 US/ $275 CDN, Pearl Hart $249 US/ $259 CDN)


F11 Calgary Stampede

CALGARY Stampede

John brings you a high falutin' cowboy boot in honour of our newest store in Calgary, handcrafted in one of Mexico's finest cowboy boot factories. The Calgary cowboy boots feature goodyear welted leather soles, soft aged leathers, upswing pointy toes, design perforations, and 1.5" stacked leather heels making it the perfect accompaniment for late-night square dancing. After production, the Calgary boots are placed into an industrial washer machine, then hand distressed in the heels and toes, giving it it's built-in roughed-up look to give you the 'tude you need to properly two-step. (Stampede $395 US/ $395 CDN).


F11 Encourage

ENCOURAGE Moira & Connie

"It takes two to make a thing go right." Just like friendship, John designed the Encourage family to stand the test of time, being both reliable and full of love and respect. The Encourage designs are inspired from men's traditional fox hunting oxfords, featuring brogue or equestrian details but without the hounds, trumpets, and stuffy after parties. Featuring a natural toe shape with rubber soles with workboot-like traction, oiled and aged Atlas leathers, and 1.25" stacked leather heels, the Encourage styles are perfect for hanging out with your best friend. Fellowship is encouraging words... said in faith. (Moira $449 US/ $459 CDN, Connie $269 US/ $279 CDN).


F11 F-Sole

F SOLES Frankie & Bobbi

The F-Soles are a family we have been carrying since its inception in 1997, mostly due to fact that the F-sole is time-tested and renowned for its comfort and durability. The 100% vulcanized rubber sole has excellent traction on ice, snow, slush and even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight, it will give you hours of toasty toes in the winter. Although they're wonderful in mild weather as well, these tough, re-soleable shoes will allow you to "F" off in bad weather for many storms to come. (Frankie $359 US/ $369 CDN, Bobbi $289 US/ $299 CDN).


F11 Faith

FAITH Certitude & Conviction

Handmade in Mexico, the Faith clogs feature tough saddle leathers bolted onto a wooden 1" platform with 5" heel, and tough rubber non-slip tread. Hand carved stacked wood for finesse and strength, combined with a leather tie and ankle strap for comfort and adjustable support, the Faith clog is the hottest heel right off the catwalk. John even added a soft padded foot-bed for the innocent harlots in all of us. (Certitude $309 US/ $309 CDN, Conviction $329 US/ $329 CDN).



F11 Flights


John brings you a simple yet stylish family with boat shoe designs, leather laces, retro white rubber soles and big eyelets. Whether you choose the mixed nuts or the crackers and cheese, The Flights will always be on board for a cocktail. (The flights are named after layover-stops on an infamous voyage that took John 22 hours and 9 airports to get back home, while still looking fabulous.) When you fly Fluevog, you always fly first class. (LGW $269 US/ $279 CDN).


F11 Flyvog

FLYVOG Watt & Bazz

The Flyvog family is for all of our nerdy brethren and sisthren out there who have been plugging away at their computer doodads and techy bits all this time - drinking too much soda, wearing lab coats, pocket protectors, crazy mustaches, and old school sneakers. The Flyvogs continue to exude their own vintage sneaker ‘suave’-faire, and you'll be superstylin' with this soft leather in subtle colors & colours, molded with a vintage eighties sneaker sole. You'll be the freshest prince in the lab. Keep it up, keep it going. (Watt $295 US/ $309 CDN, Bazz $235 US/ $249 CDN).


F11 Gateway

GATEWAY Jaffa, Notting Hill, Downing, & Caspian

Many years ago during a very somber bank meeting where evil forces were pressing upon him, John was thankful he had his trusty Vogs shoes on him to offer protection from the Satanic statements thrown against him. After the now historic arm-wrestling match with the Bank Manager, John designed a subtle banker's shoe with a trimmed leather sole. Produced in a Vietnamese factory, which is owned by Japanese shoe-makers, who were trained in England using 19th century traditional methods, The Gateways are some of the most classically fabricated (and international) shoes we have made in recent years. Featuring waxy Italian leathers that glow of amber and obsidian in classic business patterns of brogue details, the Gateway will give you your Fluevog fix during those conservative occasions when you still need to kick Satan's ass. (Jaffa $279 US/ $309 CDN, Notting Hill $429 US/ $449 CDN, Downing $345 US/ $365 CDN, Caspian $269 US/ $289 CDN).

F11 Gateway


F11 Hope

HOPE Bright Side, Promise & Reverie

John continues on the mantra of "Good Soles leave Small Prints (no matter what your shoe size)" by bringing us another Fluevog first. Featuring soft Spanish veggie tanned leathers on a 1.5" 100% bamboo heel, and a molded sole that extends to the heel for extra shock absorption, The Hope Family might be the cutest way to save the world, one step at a time. F is for all things Hope. (Bright Side $289 US/ $289 CDN, Promise $329 US/ $329 CDN, Reverie $435 US/ $455 CDN).



IDOL Keith

All Rockstars have one thing in common... great shoes. From the deepest depths of backstage, John brings out the ultimate show-stopper. Headlining acts feature a slanted 2" Cuban heel of stacked leather, rubber plates stitched on leather soles, and intricate details of faux-iguana leathers. Your Vogs are going to steal the spotlight. Hey Idol, Get Real! (Keith $239 US/ $259 CDN).



F11 Integrity

INTEGRITY Anjali, Danielle, & Khushboo

Named in honour of the lovely ladies that bring out the best in their Fluevogian husbands by providing unconditional love and support. With heaps of gratitude, John designed soft slip-on flats of walkable rubber soles and heels, with patterned laser cut outs of reliable vegetable tanned leathers for sophistication and style. Truth and Integrity... Since 1970 (Anjali $445 US/ $465 CDN, Danielle $239 US/ $239 CDN, Khushboo $329 US/ $345 CDN).


F11 Mini

MINI Hot Cakes

When the Mini heel was first introduced in 2001, John decided all styles with this heel would be named after lover's nicknames. Over the years, the style names have been getting extremely personal! The Minis feature contrast piping, soft analine leathers, a rubber F-Sole, and the iconic 3" hourglass heel for the ultimate traction, durability and comfort. Go on, fall in love. We dare you! (Hot Cakes $499 US/ $539 CDN).


F11 Miracle

MIRACLES Medugorje, Hollie, Meera & Lourdes

Believing is the hardest obstacle to overcome, especially when you see it with your own eyes. Designed with delicate swooping curves upon a hand carved wooden last, one has to wonder if John was experiencing Divine Intervention while drawing these lovely shoes. Using a Peruvian factory that has a reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, the Miracles feature 3" leather wrapped heels, delicious soft "aged" leathers, and foot molding leather soles that will take your feet down your fateful path. Miracles are the surprises of the soul.

The Miracle Hollie is named after and designed by Pennsylvanian Hollie Chantiles for John’s Open Source Footwear Program. Built upon the Miracle heel, this Mary Jane inspired shoe has two strap and buckles with soft leathers. Hollie’s design made John stand up and take notice, and he declared her design an OSF "Chosen" design. We hope you are as excited as John is. To find out more about Hollie and her shoe, please click here.)

(Medugorje $229 US/ $229 CDN, Hollie $245 US/ $245 CDN, Meera $279 US/ $285 CDN, Lourdes $415 US/ $425 CDN).




F11 Munster

MUNSTER 40th Anniversary & Gwynne

For his 40th Anniversary John has re-issued the world famous Munsters. Made famous first by Lady Miss Kier who wore the iconic platforms on the cover of Deee-lite's debut album World Clique, then by Madonna who wore the sexy 4" Louis IV heel in Truth or Dare, the Munsters have long become the symbol of the '90s House/Club underground DJ scene. Reintroduced with soft suedes, stamped embossed glossy leathers, tunite soles and brested heels, and including the silver 40th Anniversary buckle, the Munsters are an exact re-issue of the original groovy classic. Limited editions produced in small numbers, make sure you grab the Munsters while you can! Groove is in the Heart. (40th Anniversary $349 US/ $349 CDN, Gwynne $345 US/ $345 CDN).



ON COURSE Portside

Named after navigational cues to guide your path for smooth sailing, the On Course are an extremely mathematical and geometric masterpiece from the fathoms of John's mind. Using a magnetic compass, chronometer, and a protractor, John drew up the architectural and mod On Course Family with square toe boxes, folded vamp panels, tapered platforms, and distinctive triangular 4" leather-wrapped heels. Featuring durable tunite soles with toothed rubber grips, buttery soft leathers in eye-catching colour combinations, the On Course will be your beacon for pleasant voyages ahead. The On Course Family reminds us to hold fast to your direction and never be swayed by frivolity, doubt, or temporal groovyness. Stay the course. (Portside $305 US/ $305 CDN)


F11 Operetta


With soft lasered leathers, comfy rubber soles, and a 2.5" leather wrapped heel, the Operetta Family could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevogs ever. Named after extremely dramatic Opera singers, the Operetta family will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for skipping and singing. Your love makes me sing. (Hjordis $549 US/ $589 CDN).


F11 Presence

PRESENCE Haste, Impulse, & Intuit

John reminds us the importance of sure footing when given to spontaneous and impulsive behaviour, which when indulged, can lead us to memorable and enriching experiences. The Presence are a clean and casual family with a distinctive last shape that feature leather soles, stacked leather wedge heels, tunite heel lifts, and dusty Argentinian leathers that will wear into a gorgeous patina with age.

I'm not driven to rash behaviour, Except when it comes to you.
I'm afraid I'm inclined to throw it all away even for, however brief or long, walks in your presence.

(Haste $249 US/ $249 CDN, Impulse $229 US/ $229 CDN, Intuit $375 US/ $375 CDN)

F11 Rivers


F11 Prepare

PREPARE Merit, & Volunteer

The original inspiration behind the Prepares happened when John found his trusty, old swiss army knife he had as a young scout. Reminded of the invaluable lessons he learned from his experience, John drew up a ladies' shoe that included a pop-out screwdriver, nail file, whittling knife, and a corkscrew. After the initial wear test failed with clinking metal bits and knifes flopping around with each step, John went back to the drawing board and struck genius in the new swoopy design without the additional arsenal of cutlery. Featuring specially prepared felts, or soft leathers with pebbled surfaces, all built on a hidden platform of recycled cork, tunite soles with rubber grips, and custom Fluevog buckles, the Prepares provide you with a firm foundation for the challenges ahead. Prepare for the Future, choose well today. (Merit $319 US/ $329 CDN, Volunteer $389 US/ $399 CDN).

F11 Prepare

spF11 Stop It

STOP IT Arresto, Arret, & Halt

For the fans of the Mini family and the Thanks family, John has created the ultimate combo using the best features of the two, with an added splash of Fluevog pizazz. Styles in the Stop It Family use oily suedes with a slight sheen (aptly called Mr.Velvet), or a vegan fabric woven from multicoloured, zig-zag, waxed cotton. Featuring wide squared toed last remniscent of the Mini toe shape, a 100% rubber mini sole, a healthy 3" rectangular heel, with wrinkly design details of buckles, buttons, or straps, you too will exclaim "Stop it, your love is killing me. Don't stop." (Arresto $415 US/ $475 CDN, Arret $289 US/ $289 CDN, Halt $359 US/ $369 CDN)



F11 Television


Tune in, turn on, and Vog Out! Based off of classic oxford and chukka boot designs, but tweaked for the hip, contemporary man, the Televisions are the next evolution from the wildly popular Radio Family. Clean, yet casual, the Televisions feature roomy bump toes, thick grainy leathers, stacked leather heels, and leather soles with natural gum rubber soleplates and heel lifts. Buffed at the toe for an aged finish, the Televisions include subtle details such as a contrasting tan-coloured tongue, thick cross stitching, and come with both leather and cotton laces. A receptive heart is the key to staying connected. (WFN $255 US/ $265 CDN, PBS $265 US/ $275 CDN).


F11 Thanks

THANKS Wicked & Amazing

Combining soft luxurious leathers with textured patterned leathers finished with a rub-off white wax finish, The Thanks! Family is a sharper, edgier interpretation of the Wearever family. Although they're made with the same comfortable and walkable rubber Wearever sole, the Thanks! family feature bronze hardware and a thicker, angular 2" heel that give it its innovative look. (Wicked $375 US/ $395 CDN, Amazing $479 US/ $499 CDN)



F11 Tokyo

TOKYO Kawasaki

After carousing photos and photos of remarkably stylish Japanese people we have realized something was missing from our men's line that is essential to the mod gentleman look that kept trending - namely the pointy toe. Although largely forgotten in the current western fashion front, John has revitalized the retro-90s Tokyo family using the same extremely sharp pointed toe, a neolite sole, with gorgeous leathers. (Kawasaki $265 US/ $275 CDN).


F11 Truth Hi

SIGNATURE Prince George

John is no stranger to designing for the androgynous-minded, and recently it seemed like the best time to give the fashion forward dudes a little lift. The Signature Series feature soft German leathers in smooth, matte finish that can capture the light during any naughty photoshoot. With small details such as angular rands, contrasting stitching, leather soles, and leather wrapped 4" slanted heels, the sophisticated and masculine Signature Series will give any dude rocking these badass boots some serious confidence. (Prince George $389 US/ $399 CDN)


F11 Truth

TRUTH Melanie

By using the drawings of one of his favourite styles from the 1980s, John brings you brand new designs based off the super pointy-toed, buckled Pilgrim shoe. Where the inspiration initially came from the Victoria era, John now looks to the modern scenester adding subtle additions of laces, and chained harnesses in new designs. Featuring rubber sole plates, 1.25" leather wrapped heels, and soft leathers that will darken and age gracefully, the Truth styles are an ode to John's humble beginnings and values which he still aspires to providing great testament to the genius we celebrate. Truth and integrity since 1970. (Melanie $525 US/ $545 CDN)


F11 Twin Turbine


TWIN TURBINE 104 Prince Street & 328 Newbury Street

Named after the first addresses of some of his oldest stores, John continues the Fluevog heritage by using classic partial blake construction with leather soles and tough Italian leathers and suedes, the Twin Turbines are made in a high end men's factory, inspiring you for another 40 years. (104 Prince Street $279 US/ $299 CDN, 328 Newbury Street $349 US/ $359 CDN).



F11 Wonders


John brings another wonder from his Canadian Design Studio to your feet. Designed on a vintage Fox & Fluevog hand carved wooden last which includes a soft pointed toe with a curvy toe spring, the Wonders have an unfinished raw leather wrapped 2.5" heel on a leather sole. Handmade in a Peruvian factory that has a reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, the Wonders features light Argentinian leathers with lots of body and depth, ornate stitching, and will amaze your bewildered feet as you walk among the clouds. (Ayers $269 US/ $269 CDN)


F11 World

WORLD Nzame & Abassi

Named after mythical creators of the World, the whimsical, yet comfortable styles of The World Family will inspire you to connect with your own creativity. Additional details such as brass buckles, studs, and eyelets give this World Family a big bang as you walk forward. Featuring gorgeous Argentinian leathers, contrasting dusty and shiny finishes, stacked leather heels with tunite lifts, and leather soles that that will mold to your feet, you will feel the World come alive at your fingertips (toetips?). (Nzame $219 US/ $219 CDN,Abassi $315 US/ $315 CDN).


F11 Writes

WRITES Sheilds & Gertrude

Inspired by famous authors who, in true Fluevogian spirit, strode confidently and unwaveringly forward into literary history. The Writes use thick, dry textured leathers, brass buckles, and cord whipstitching around the edges, giving the styles a pretty, but certainly-not-precious look. Built upon a 1" platform, stacked leather wedge, with a 4 " leather wrapped circular heel and tunite cap, the Writes inspire you to speak your mind unflinchingly. Write down your dreams. (Sheilds $455 US/ $485 CDN, Gertrude $329 US/ $329 CDN).


John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear and accessories. Since 1970 he has been steadfast in creating unique soles for unique souls that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna and the Scissor Sisters to the runways of high fashion. Fluevogs were recently named one of the world’s most innovative companies in the fashion industry by creative business experts Fast Company, and have been voted Shoes of the Year too many times to mention. Additionally, John recently spoke at the L'Oreal Melbourne International Fashion Festival and has just opened The New Worldwide Flagship John Fluevog Shoes Store and Fluevog Design Offices in Vancouver, Canada.

John Fluevog est un designer indépendant et un détaillant de chaussures qui se démarquent. Depuis 1970 il crée des chaussures uniques qui ajoutent de la personnalité à celui ou celle qui les porte, et ce, de façon constante. Ses créations ont été vues partout - allant des pieds de Madonna et des membres du groupe Scissor Sisters aux défilés de la haute couture. La revue Wired Magazine a d'ailleurs récemment donné la mention «WIRED» aux chaussures Fluevogs! De plus, John a récemment été invité au Festival international de la mode l'Oréal de Melbourne et au Salon de l'habitation et du design de Vancouver.

Press-ready photos available upon request. For more information or to talk to John contact:
Photos de presse disponibles. Pour plus d'informations ou pour une entrevue avec John Fluevog :

Stephen Fluevog
phone 604-688-2879 x226
email stephen@fluevog.com

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