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We spend every day stressing about money and work - this Fluevog Day, relieve yourself a little and give someone a dollar, or a hug, or a hi 5, or....? List it anonymously and we can watch Fluevogers positivify the world.

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my old car is dying. Got a new one and now we're safe picking up my BF's son 160km away. I'm broke but I still have my fluevogs., Québec

After buying a gorgeous pair of red and purple K2s on Fluevog Day I went into work an hour early so my co-worker could go home an hour early, Vancouver

I help raise money for the A21 campaign to stop human trafficking by doing a coffee and cake morning for my friends., Pretoria

I sell my art, and all of the proceeds go to making care packages for the homeless., alameda

Showing my shoes to everyone I see and showing them the way to find their own special pairl!!, Lynnwood

I held the door open for a woman struggling with a baby stroller, while other people just walked past, Toronto, ON

I gave to 7 different Arts Organizations - for Seattle's "Give Big" day. I received a most amazing act of kindness from John Fluevog today., Seattle

Spend time every week walking dogs at the local shelter., Victoria

Researched and forwarded resources and support for a family going through tough times! Made lunches!, Carstairs

Schamess wishes Svirsky a happy congratulations on surviving her maybe-worst-term ever. LITERALLY., Washington

I let my co-workers go to lunch while I stood at a tradeshow for two hours. It didn't phase me. I was wearing comfortable Fleuvogs., Winston-Salem

I feel like kicking ass when I wear my Buffy's and Bond Girls. Men and feet beware!, Vancouver

I bought my first fluevog last july and my 7th and 8th today:), Quebec

Walk instead of drive,cause the D.C. rush hour is the worst....we may be pollution capped, Washington,D.C.

ice cream sandwiches for the last day of school. just figured it would make the kids and the teachers happy. but, sssssh! t's a surprise., new orleans

I bought the stranger behind me in line his iced coffee. He said it made his day and would pay it forward in his own special way :), Boston

I stood up for art education for the kids in my school division @ the Legislature, joined them in an art show, Winnipeg

Bought my boss and coworker lunch today! Best team ever : ) xxoo, Vancouver

Gave my admin the afternoon off after she complimented my Radio BBC's, Houston

Made and delivered homemade granola to a glum coworker., Calgary

I found a penny when out on a walk, I set it on the arm of a chair on someone's porch so they would see it and have good luck for the day., Port Washington, WI

Gave my tenants a bouquet of fresh herbs from our garden., New Westminster, BC

Bought lunch for a coworker stuck in back-to-back meetings all day, Toronto

Hugged my co-worker, called my mother, and hi 5s, toronto

Started social justice tea project to help Kenyan tea farmers. Support us at http://igg.me/at/justea/, Vancouver

Helped colleagues all afternoon with computer problems, Ottawa

Added money to someone's parking meter!, Vancouver

Donated money to the Pet shelter today!, San Mateo

wearing my vogs to #lovemore with every step i take...in style and with heart., culver city, ca

Brought chocolates for my department at work to share!, NYC

Paid for the person behind me at the coffee drive through., Asheville

Say a REAL 'thank U ' to each proprieter, server, customer associate, etc -- Let 'em know their time IS appreciated, woteva they do, Chicago

Bought coffee for the people in line behind me, Caffeine for everyone! :), Edmonton

Keeping a promise to pick up my best friend. This means I can't roadtrip to the Chicago store. I still got my mini gorgeous on!, Moline, IL

A kid in my class missed her bus; she was worried and anxious. As it was on my way, I drove her home. Totally made her day!, Sudbury

My daughter has not been well, and woke up out of sorts. I hugged her and reminded her of cute things she had done when she was small., MOORPARK

Gave a new co-worker my old A/C unit., Montreal

Did the dishes before leaving for work this morning so my bf doesn't have to, Ottawa

Paid for the Person behind me's coffee this morning. Gave them a smile :), Portland, OR

I drove a stranger and his table that wouldn't fit into his car home., PORTSMOUTH, NH

paying random compliments to strangers - served with a smile on a pair of Hope boots, toronto

Thank God it's FluevogDay!!! :-) I am wearing my Fluevog and enjoy everyday!, Poland

Getting the house spic n span for my husband after his long day do work., St. Catharines

Making a pudding for my Other Mother, just because. (Not the kind of Other Mother with buttons for eyes...), Edmonton

Stop and feed a stray cat., Brooklyn

Take care of the people I love., Los Angeles

Warm chocolate chip cookies for my co-workers., Minneapolis

I sent a smile to a child at a Children's Miracle Network Hospital, by sending a Get Well Card!, Washington, D.C.

Picked up a bouquet for my neighbour on the way home from the grocery. She is not aware of Fluevog day but liked the flowers., Petawawa

Helped a lady who had spilled the contents of her purse, Québec

Introduced a friend to her newest love - Mini Babycakes!, Louisiana

hug your feet. they get you places., houston

explained to older gentleman how to use his fancy digital camera, brooklyn

Pay a strangers toll!, Sunapee

I bought an extra coffee not knowing who I would give it to; I crossed paths with a financially troubled man who graciously accepted, Montreal

Doggy bag a meal from the dinner and give it to a homeless on the street :), Perth, West Australia

Buying coffee & a treat for the person behind me in Sbux., Portland, OR

Opened the door for a guy with his arms full of gear., Melbourne

Ferry-took photos of elderly couple-who gushed @ my fellowship-hi-FV, tearily wrote address, as not online. Photos were posted before wk!, Auckland, NZ

Kept up the ruse that we'll be here on Sat. instead of in PDX for Dad's suprise b-day bash!, Juneau, AK

Dropped plants off to beautify a stranger's yard., L.A.

I gave my chinchillas big kisses and a big juicy raisin; their favorite!, azusa

Sent a friend a chocolate basket., Winnipeg

rescued some orphaned possums, Los Angeles, CA

Elderly woman needed help up onto the curb and into the store. I waited for her and then helped her back to her car., scottsdale

i rescued baby bunnies from our window wells., Moline, IL

Got myself some Fluevog today, there is nothing more to say..., Vancouver

Sending my friend a surprise gift to celebrate IFD., South San Francisco

Flew from Chicago to Los Angeles in my favorite Twin Turbines! They have their own frequent flyer number., City of the Angels

held the elevator instead of pushing the button to close it!, Vancouver

Im hooked I need a twelve step program for my new addiction to Fluevogs shoes and boots.., Troutdale..OR

Brought yummy cupcakes for my coworkers!!! Smiles all around!!, Calgary

Comforted a recently widowed friend, reminding her that "if they were replaceable, they wouldn't be so precious.", South Bend

acknowledge the human behind the homeless, toronto

I kissed my cat and gave my spouse a big bear hug - most unusual behavior for stoic moi, Seattle

Let people merge onto the bridge :) during rush hour., Milwaukie

watered some plants on our block that were looking malnourished., Brooklyn

facilitated a brainstorming session on the little things we can improve our workplace, all the while wearing Fluevogs, Ottawa, ON

My son & I were picking up a rare meal at Wendy's there was a homeless man behind us in line. I paid for a hot meal for him thenwe left, Chilliwack BC

As a teacher I high fived and fist bumped my way from 1st grade through high school... smiles all around!, Boise

Bought a surprise Coke for my cube-mate at work, w/ a Happy Fluevog Day note on top!, Thibodaux, LA

I set up my business' recycling services to a community music festival for free., Vancouver

Tipped my waitress more than 20% because I heard the people at one of her other tables being jerks to her for no reason., Altamonte Springs

I spring cleaned my entire house today. My kitties and husband were all very thankful., Union City

Made my boyfriend breakfast in bed and took my dog for a swim, it's a lovely Fluevog day., Vancouver

I gave my seat on transit to a little girl who was having trouble keeping balance, though I was holding a few bags (including new Fluevogs)., Vancouver

treated a friend to a great lunch after helping her buy fab Writes Gertrudes in brown, Toronto

Getting my wife some Munsters! She looks great in theses shoes and attracts attention with them on!, Cedar Rapids, IA

I let the very pregnant woman go before me (even tho I just finished a vente latte), Vancouver

Celebrating my birthday by cooking supper for my friends and enjoying their great company!, Grande Prairie

Had a lovely chat while waiting for the bus with a gentleman I randomly see around the neighborhood., Washington

Gathered with friends and family to remember and celebrate the life of a good friend lost 4 years ago today., Edmonton

Passing on the paid parking receipt, with 1 hour left paid, on to next person waiting!!, Minneapolis

Going to collect some lilacs from my garden and give them to a neighbour whose husband just died :(, Vancouver, of course!

Just plugged a whole bunch of Parking Meters :), Vancouver

Feeding a baby bird who now lives in a lunchbox in my kitchen !! He is thriving!, Upper Lake, Ca

Listened to a friend vent about her fiancee, and helped them resolve their issues. I love them and want them to get married dammit!, Kitchener

Bought coffee for my team. Graciously received 3 compliments on my fluvogs in the process!!, Vancouver BC

picked up lunch for colleague on a deadline, San Francisco

I cheered up my mom after a phone call with my dad (her ex-husband) upset her., near philly

Took out the trash and resolved myself not to brag about it, Chicago

Put the toilet seat down for the next person., San Francisco

I Introduced 3 people to the world of Fluevog... you can't get any more kind than that ;), Toronto

supervog: the official "baking whoopie pies for colleagues" shoe., nyc

I treated my sister to lunch!, Digby

Set up birthday breakfast of coffee and cupcakes for my honey., Scottsdale, AZ

Hi 5ed people I walked by in the office :), New Haven

I danced with a swivel chair in my Mini Fabulous', Toronto

Refilled the snack cupboard at work--with some healthy options!, Battle Ground, WA

I bought some extra food with my lunch and gave it to a person in need. They were thankful, and I was happy they were fed., Toronto

held the elevator for that person rushing to get there., Portland

I will not tread on ants in my fabulous Fluevogs, Calgary

Today, I picked up someone else's dog poop., Vancouver

Made a cup of coffee for my bf this morning..., Vancouver

I'm going to surprise my friend with a concert ticket!, Tofino

Put quarters in expired parking meters, Phoenix

This morning I (for once) got up before my husband and made him a special coffee with extra love in it to celebrate Int'l Fluevog Day!, Vancouver

Gonna let the cats play in empty fluevog shoe boxes AS MUCH AS THEY WANT...then take the neighbor's dog for a walk with the Coventry's!!, Los Angeles

I'm donating to every underfunded Kickstarter/IndiGogo/etc campaign that asks me today., Boston

I am takng my dog Spring a golden reriever into the hospital to visit patients, Ottawa canada

A friend is going through a rough time and needs a new pair of shoes. I've sent her a pair, but I'd love to give her fluevogs! (Wink wink!), Kitchener/Winnipeg

It's finals week! I gave a bunch of random people pencils and scantrons :), fullerton, ca

Gave the cats extra treats with breakfast, Toronto

Bought flowers and paper supplies for the office, Portsmouth, NH

Complimented a stranger today because her outfit was very well put together., Worcester

Returned my ex's wave on the road this morning., PORTSMOUTH

You are a kind and brilliant person, and will accomplish spectacular things., Rehoboth Beach

Been spreading joy with compliments all day long! Positivize!, Finland

In my Arigatos, I brought a case of organic, locally sourced, practically homeschooled snacks in for my workmates., Washington, DC

made a room laugh by causing clay to fly off the wheel to the floor below, Columbus, Ohio

I made lunch for my partner and added extra cookies., Greenville, SC

Left a yummy little surprise (some choc. chip cookies) for my mail lady today., Thibodaux, LA

Today I called my Mom first thing this morning just to say hello., Toronto

Bought my husband Fluevogs with my work bonus. Shhh! It's a surprise., Moline, IL

Took my disabled neighbor shopping, even though I had a splitting headache. Boy, was she happy!, Oakland

Kitchen dancing with the one I love in Bellevues, Kaleden

Rake my school's front lawn, while wearing Minis, Ottawa

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