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We spend every day stressing about money and work - this Fluevog Day, relieve yourself a little and give someone a dollar, or a hug, or a hi 5, or....? List it anonymously and we can watch Fluevogers positivify the world.

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My sister has 3 children under the age of 10, works as a full time teacher for special needs kids & makes them all feel like they are loved., Orlando

Bought a coffee for the soldier in uniform in the line behind me at Starbucks., New Orleans

Got caught in pouring rain no umbrella spotted a HUGE lovely one at Starbucks left behind by another - could have used it but gave it in, Toronto

I treated my sweet friend to a fabulous lunch at Cafe Saint Jorge, after celebrating IFDay by buying three pairs of shoes!, San Francisco

Wore my Tan & Burgundy Kaplans today. Some co-workers joked about "bowling shoes," but everyone smiled & loved them. Spreading Fluevog Love!, BELLEVILLE

I run to turn the water on in the bathtub when my kitty cat meows to have it turned on to drink from it., Alnitak

Made 4dozen chocolate whiskey balls today! I'll bring them to the rollerskating rink tonight and watch 'em disappear into happy faces., Seattle

When I get compliments on my Fluevogs, I always tell people where they can get them. You have to spread the joy!, Seattle

bought coffee for my colleagues, even the grumpy one :), Niagara Falls

I embroidered a pillow top, sewed it up into a pillow, and gave it to my neighbor. Well, not all in one day., Oregon City

I am so inspired that I am heading out to see what fleuvogging I can do...inspired first by my positive friend Bessie and now by all of you, Toronto

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