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Located in the heart of Wicker Park, John Fluevog Shoes has been serving the good Fluevogers of Chicago since 1999. Once a local movie theatre since the turn of the century, JF Shoes Chicago boasts the largest of all the Fluevog stores, hosts a FluevogCreative gallery, and has the most delightful staff.

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John Fluevog Shoes Chicago


1539-41 N. Milwaukee Ave. CHICAGO, Il. 60622

(773) 772-1983

Store Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11-7

Sat: 11-8 Sun: 12-6

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Posted by Lise from Sydney Australia:
half way around the world for a pair of shoes

I will be in Chicago in two weeks time and can't wait to visit the store again. Time to add to my Fluevog collections care of the lovely folk in Chicago
Posted by Julia from Chicago:
Love the service too!

The main reason I buy Fluevogs is the quality. Not being rich, if I spend on shoes it needs to be a good investment that will last for several years. Fluevogs are the best shoe investment I've ever seen. Of course, I also love the style! Sometimes wish I could buy half the store... :-) And another thing I love about the Chicago Fluevog store is the great staff with wonderful service. It's always a pleasure to be with them. They're patient with my compulsive thoroughness (makes me a good analyst but not great for shopping!) and go out of their way to be nice. Last year I bought a pair of purple Bright Side loafers and when I wore them last summer I had trouble with the fit of the left one. I used insoles and inserts but it was never right. Also I thought the color was coming off. Last Saturday I took them to the store and they explained the color was just a scuff and polished it for me. One of the associates - unfortunately I can't remember his name - suggested a tongue pad and installed it and rearranged the other inserts. The shoe fits much better now and I'm hoping to be able to wear them for a long time. :-) I knew they would help, they're so wonderful! While I was there I bought the black I'm OK boots on sale - another great investment. It's so good to be able to count on Fluevog when most consumer goods are going down in quality. :-)
Posted by Robin Rena' from Atlanta, IL:
what can one say??!!

finally am a proud owner of my first pair of Fluevogs... will be back for more when my coffers refill... :-| >-) :-B ,-)
Posted by Elisabeth from Melbourne:
There soon

Coming to your neck of the woods all the way from Oz in late June and on my only Saturday in town I'm heading into your store to buy me a pair or 5. Can't wait.
Posted by Greg from Wicker Park:
Awesome Staff

I love this staff, they are so friendly and charming, they make any day super. Thanks!


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