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Located in the heart of Haight Ashbury, John Fluevog Shoes has been serving the good Fluevogers of San Francisco since 1997. Whether you are record shopping at Amoeba, or vintage clothes shopping, make sure you pop in to say hi to Denny and the awesome SF crew and try on some sweet Vogs.

Haight St. SF



John Fluevog Shoes Haight Street


1697 Haight Street

(415) 436-9784

Store Hours:

Mon-Sat: 11-7

Sun: 12-6

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Posted by Erin aka Queenie from Oakland, CA:
Love this store!

I love Fluevogs and this Haight Street store is the best of the best. Not only do they carry my favorite shoes, but their staff is AMAZING. They are so incredibly helpful, welcoming, and cool!
Posted by Gina from Oz:

Denny and Monika have variously been looking after my Fluemorphed feet from their cute shop since mid 2010 - mostly posted OS for me - feels like much longer as I have bought so many pairs! Like, a decade's worth! xxx
Posted by Linda K. from San Franscisco:
The Haight Street staff ... awesome!

Without a doubt, the nicest, most personable and knowledgable employees, eager to help find the perfect Fluevog for me! I LOVE Fluevogs!
Posted by Erika from Reno:
Love them!

Of all of Fluevog stores I've visited, the guys at the Haight store are the most helpful...its why I hoofed it 4 miles to their location rather than just hitting the store down the street from my hotel. I love their recommendations (eventho zebra striped flats will not grace these footsies!) and their hugs when I leave. Wearing my aptly named Erika's right now!! Thanks guys!
Posted by Kat Longo from Mildura Australia:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this Store!!

I had the best experience when I purchased my shoes online!!! Fabulous service and my shoes arrived so quickly!! I Love this store and I cant wait to visit it when I'm in the USA next time!! Thank you Denny!!!! You are amazing xxx
Posted by Jenifer Hammond from Vail:
Shoe Porn

I had a great experience in this Fluevog store in the Haight. I wandered in as an admirer and left with a pair of shoes for me and two for my spouse. Thank you, thank you, thank you... My little Christmas shoes have garnered many compliments, from men and ladies alike. I adore them. If those purple lace ups ever come back just charge my card and send them on over.... I'm waiting for the day.
Posted by Jessica Buton from San Francisco:
Not Such a Friendly Bunch

Salesperson seemed very unhappy to have to sell me some shoes. I was the only customer in the store and got serious attitude. Shame that such nice shoes come with such attitude, Haight, more like hate.
Posted by Carla Kaufman from St. Petersburg, FL:

Of all the Fluevog stores I've had the great fortune to order from; over the phone, thru the web and, most deliciously of all, in person... And of all the amazingly wonderful staff members I've had the extraordinary pleasure meeting; the store that has captured my heart and SOLE is John Fluevog, Haight Street. Monika and Denny have made me feel - from day one - that not only was I in expert hands, but also like I found two long lost friends! From their sage advice (on size, fit and fashion), to personal 'Thank You' notes tucked in to THE BEST packages FedEx ever delivers, to shared giggles and a mutual love of all things Fluevog, in my humble opinion, they are the most caring and super fun Fluevogologists out there! Can't wait to visit the Haight Street Store in person... ah, yes... one day!
Posted by Sarah from sacramento:
boots from "Alice"

i was wondering if the John Fluevog Women's Inge Cuffed Boot was still in production. they are the boots from the syfy miniseries,"Alice" and i havent been able to find them anywhere. i hope they still are, those are the cutest boots i have ever seen.
Posted by shirley from SF Bay Area (East Bay):
PUFFY HEART for Haight Street Store

since 2008 ... simply put - FLUEGASM for the haight street crew! (fluegasm defined over here - http://shirlnutkin.blogspot.com/2011/05/fluegasm.html) in 2008, got my first pair (fellowship | kathy) from allan. the next day, i went back for my second pair (operetta | malibran) in black, and i swore i wouldn't get hooked. OOPSIE! not only am i hooked on john fluevog's lovely shoes, boots, and accessories but am also hooked on Y'ALL!!! love your customer service, pop culture chuckles, and the fact that i feel like each person at haight street "gets me (and my feet)" and the feet of others that walk through their door. and actually, on a "meh" day in cubeopolis, i've actually headed over just 'cuz i know i will get a mood-pick-me-up for my feet and for fun conversation. (sometimes i even believe i won't purchase another pair - haha!) ... by the way, i know i'll see you all (and that means jim, for sure) when certain fall '12 shoes/boots come in! PUFFY HEART to Fluevog's Haight Street crew! :-D


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