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Fluevog DC
Located at the corner of N St NW and Wisconsin NW in historic Georgetown, John Fluevog Shoes has been serving the good Fluevogers of Washington DC since 2012. Reflecting John's positive and bright messages, Fluevog DC is completely Fluevogified with Pop Art inspired Shoe-Art and panels in bright, modern colours creating an interesting juxtaposition with historical Georgetown. The back room of the retail store, The Mens Department, is outfitted to resemble a retro-70's lounge with teak wood walls, leather couches, and velvet curtains, perfect for a relaxing shopping experience among the most unique shoes in the World. If you're in the area, go in and say hello, and try on some shoes.

DC store


Meet DC

DC staff

John Fluevog Shoes
Washington DC


1265 Wisconsin Avenue NW

(202) 337-5683

Store Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 11-7

Fri-Sat: 11-8

Sun: 12-7


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Posted by Suzy Trochesset from Stockholm, Sweden:
Fabulous service

I was visiting family in the DC area and had to visit John Fluevog. I have a pair of purple Miracle Cana shoes which my sister sent me after I saw a pair she had bought for herself. When I walked in, we were very warmly greeted and assisted by a wonderful young woman (April 2, 2014). I was like a kid in a candy store. It was wonderful. I saw the Queen Transcendent Elizabeth in purple and couldn't resist. I bought them. They are now home with me in Stockholm. I can't wait to wear them in the office on Monday! When I first wore the Miracle Cana in the office, all the women and some men went crazy. They called it shoe porn! I love them and I am sure I will love walking around in my purple Elizabeth's as well. Thank you for designing and crafting beautiful shoes.
Posted by Pilar from United States:
Welcome, Spring!

Happy day, and you all are the best. Thanks for emailing me when Purpose Objection came in, and then being so helpful today when I came in and bought them (both pairs!!). I can't bear to take them off ... ;-)
Posted by Cherise Burdeen from Washington DC:
If you want a promotion, wear these boots

Catherine - wanted to let you know I wore my new Fluevog boots (the ones you helped me get on with my foot on your shoulder!) to my job interview. I got the promotion, I think mainly because my footwear was not to be reckoned with. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO -- thank you and your wonderful store. I will be back after I start my new position, where I will continue to think that Fluevog is the key to my success. :) (If there's a place to post a pic, let me know and I will post the one my friends took of your expert assistance with calf binding.)
Posted by Kristi from Leonardtown, MD:
The DC store is awesome!

The DC Fluevog store is awesome! And Catherine is the best! Funky shoes in a funky shop with people who give you as much time as you need with the shoes that you are trying on. I bought a pair of derby swirls with the blue soles a few days ago and I have hardly been able to take them off. Thanks!
Posted by Rima Al-Azar:
Finally a Fluevog store in DC!!! Can't wait to shop ,->
Posted by Joani Angel from United States:
O how long I have waited for this! Now I no longer have to travel far and wide to find my beloved Vogs! If only I were rich and could by one one of each. Every Season!!!! :-)
Posted by Tam from Owings Mills MD:
WA WHAT!!!???

Can not wait to come and visit my first Fluevog store and soak up the atmosphere. WOOOWHOOO!!!
Posted by Greg from Vancouver BC:
Can't Wait

I can't wait to see this gorgeous store, with some of my favourite Fluevogologists!


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