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Crazy Shoes & Crazy Boots – Vog Populi

John makes Limited Edition,
signed & numbered prints available to the public.
Fluevogers collectively choose the price.

WE WANT YOUR INPUT ON OUR OUTPUT: For the first time in history, John is releasing Limited Edition signed & numbered prints into the world, and he's asking Fluevogers to collectively choose the price. There are 2 conceptual shoe paintings of John's and 40 signed & numbered prints of each (that's only 4 per store!).

These will be available to the world in a matter of days but first we need you to tell us what you think the price should be. Enter the price you think a single print should be, in a few days we will line them up from top to bottom and take the Middle/Median price, and later that day there will be 4 in each store for sale at that price (online orders will be fulfilled based on store availability). Choose wisely sweet Fluevogers!

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