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WE WANT YOUR INPUT ON OUR OUTPUT: Specifically, on which retired Family to resurrect for Spring '09. It's a battle of monumental consequence between the Saucy PinUps and the Flirtatious HiFellowships.  Two popular families who were reluctantly moved to the Fluevog archives battle it out for a new style, new found glory and a place on the shelves of John Fluevog Shoes!

Once again, we at John Fluevog seek your infinite wisdom and ultimate decision. The design team is working away at the Spring '09 collection, and there is room for one more style. We thought it would be fun to pull a couple of popular retired Families from the archives and let Fluevogers the world over decide which one to let John loose on. John is ready, pencil in hand and trusty Fluevogian thoughts in head. With your collective, thunderous voice, choose the family you'd like to see resurrected, and John will get started on designing a new style for it!

WINNER: New Pinup Style

New Fellowship Hi Style

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