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WE WANT YOUR INPUT ON OUR OUTPUT: Specifically, on the colourways of A NEW MEMBER OF THE TEAPOT FAMILY! The Teapots were a very popular new family in 2006, and now we want to seek your wisdom regarding the colour offerings available for this new Fall '07 member.

Once again, the team at Fluevog have designed too many fabulous styles and colourways for a tiny mega-billion-dollar-multinational company like ours to produce each season. In the case of these new 'Sencha' (due out in Fall '07 - talk about a sneak preview), we have developed 3 colour combinations, but only have room for 2. We'd like you to tell us which is your LEAST FAVORITE of the 3 below. As always, when the polls close, we will listen & obey your decision and let you know the result in the monthly newsletter.

* Remember, please vote for your LEAST FAVORITE (we promise, your votes will be anonymous - no one will tell the shoes how you voted)

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THE WINNER (or is that loser?) 45.9%



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