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WE WANT YOUR INPUT ON OUR OUTPUT: Specifically, on our next ad creative. You've seen our ads in swank magazines for a while now. Well, from time to time, we like to seek your wisdom, approval and counsel on which ad to run (and just to keep us in line). Not to mention that you get a preview of a BRAND NEW FAMILY: THE BEATS! So, think Cassady & Kerouac, Ginsberg & Burroughs, and select from four possible designs and vote for your favourite. When the polls close, we'll run the winning ad in a variety of publications. We'll also announce it on this page, just in case the magazine is one you're not interested in, like "Quilter's Monthly", or "International Sheltie Enthusiast". (Not that we don't like Shelties. We like Shelties. In fact, we are Shelties).

WHAT DO YOU WIN? You mean, besides the Nobel Prize? We'll hook 10 of you up with a full year's subscription to Death+Taxes Magazine. Of course, the real prize is a chance to drive and direct the Fluevog Universe.


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