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11/7 2008

Coming Soon | Danielson Family Shoe

Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog is pleased to announce the release of a very exciting new collaboration. Coming this Winter for music and fashion lovers alike, John Fluevog Shoes and songwriter Brother Daniel of the Danielson Family, will be launching the New Danielson Family Shoe.

Many moons ago, John Fluevog collaborated with a young folk & gospel songwriter hailing from New Jersey named Daniel Smith. The result was a special limited-edition touring shoe for his band ‘The Danielson Family‘. Many years later, now that John Fluevog has become a household name (in only the best households) and Brother Daniel’s music is known worldwide, the two artists have once again collaborated to produce an impressively vibrant shoe.

Complete with crowning cut-outs of dark and baby blues, crimson double stitch, and the Danielson iconic heart on the heel, this Goodyear Welted shoe is sure to be an instant classic. The limited edition unisex shoe will be available in a full size run at all John Fluevog stores in early 2009, and can be seen on band members as the stage uniform during their late Fall 08 tour.

As a gracious thank you to John and as a promotional song for the original shoe, Daniel wrote the fan favourite, but never ‘officially’ released “Flip Flop Flim Flam” which included the lovable lyrics “Fluevog toe jam everybody!” This song is finally available for the first time on the Danielson’s recently released “Trying Hartz,” a two-disc retrospective of the first 10 years of Danielson’s body of work.

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