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06/6 2009

Coming Soon | Frontier Bags

After many years of producing the best bags in the world, John Fluevog is pleased to announce the introduction of the Frontier Bags to partner the recently unveiled Frontier Shoe Family.

Like the shoes and boots, the Frontier bags have that unmistakable old world look and feel. Both the Tote and the Map styles were designed in Vancouver and hand made in Mexico using carefully selected veggie-tanned leathers. The lining consists of natural linens and excessive hardware was purposely avoided wherever possible to maintain a clean, natural look.

Frontier Tote Bag

This unisexy bag features Classic Fluevog Frontier Swirls at the base of the handles and can be used as both a shoulder bag, or a carrying bag. Convenient inside pockets can be used for whatever your heart desires, while the main compartment fits an 18″ laptop (or a set of 18″ cutting boards for that matter).

Frontier Map Bag

This unisexy satchel style bag also has Frontier swirl handles, in addition to a classic Fluevogian Swirl detail on the front flap. The Map bag has 3 useful exterior pockets on the outside (one on the back and two under the flap), interior pockets for all your favourite map-reading tools and can comfortably hold and caress a 15″ laptop or geography textbook. As with most Fluevog designs, John imprinted a secret message on the bottom as a treat.

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