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06/19 2009

Coming Soon | Operetta Purse

As long as there have been shoes, there have been bags.

“Many years ago I discovered that people needed shoes, so I started designing and producing unique soles for unique souls”, says John. “More recently, we learned that people also needed bags – it was only natural that we would increase our offering to include these items – it’s like the yin and yang, it just made sense.”

Operetta Purse

After many years of producing the best bags in the world, John Fluevog is pleased to announce the introduction of the Operetta Purse. This perfectly sized shoulder bag is crafted with sexy curves and soft crackly patent Baccarat leathers (the same leathers used in John’s awesome Operetta shoes). Convenient inside pockets that feature teal zippers and soft lining are perfect for carrying the small necessities for all-day/all-night dramatics. Complete with tough leather straps and contrast detailing, worn silver rings and fasteners, magnetic enclosures, and an embossed John Fluevog signature, The Operetta Purse by John Fluevog is the perfect compliment to your already stylish Fluevog shoes

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